Do You Go Without Sleep to Game?

BY JOHN SANTINA: There simply aren’t enough waking hours in the day for everything. Unless, y’know, you make more waking hours. Sleep is for the weak, after all.

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NecrumOddBoy31d ago

Not since I was a teenager. I can stay up late and watch Netflix as I often do but I really don't like playing games in insomnia mode. I'd rather not be a delusional zombie when gaming.

Knightofelemia30d ago

Unless its a really good game that peaks my interest then yeah I'll stay up late if not I prefer to sleep

2pacalypsenow30d ago

Last time I did that was when MW2 came out.

Fist4achin30d ago

Not as often as I used to, but that's some of the only time I get to game...

Blank30d ago

Man... playing all night and missing sleep to game, that made me nostalgic and reminds me of CoD MW1 with my best friends. As for me now, not so much due to work and all this adulting requires me to rest well every night. Either way even if wanted to I can't stay up gaming all night these bones and energy ain't what they used to be. But I have used my extra bit of PTO to lock myself in my house while everyone else thinks I am at work, outside of my coworkers while I binge game in the day time which is just as great!

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The story is too old to be commented.