The City of Heroes devs explain the new Merit Reward system

City of Heroes Issue 13 is enormous. Even with the Mission Architect pushed out to early next year, the next big patch coming to City of Heroes has enough content to satisfy a small army of players. Massively has talked previously about the upcoming PvP changes, the Day Job system, and they had the chance for extensive conversations with the developers back when the Issue was first announced. That said, there's still a lot of ground to cover.

That's why they were thrilled when designer Phil Zeleski and the infamous Matt 'Positron' Miller reached out to us to clarify what's coming down the pipe with game rewards. They chatted with the gents extensively about the new and improved meta-currency coming to City of Heroes. It's going to make Task Forces and Story Arcs far more rewarding for the average player, and the background behind their design is fascinating.

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