Dante Would Be Horrible In Smash, Actually

Dante seems like a great addition to Smash Bros. in theory, but it would be hard for him not to end up as Bayonetta with a sword.

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jambola554d ago

"actually you're wrong, let me tell you the correct way to feel about Dante in smash"
hate these kinds of people
hopefully people will see this is from and realise it's not worth clicking

NukeDaHippies552d ago

Not only that, but this person has CLEARLY never played DMC. So it's, "let me tell you why your wrong about a character, i know nothing about".

Bayonetta with a sword, he says. A move set that wouldn't set him apart from other swordies, he thinks. Not even an iconic character, he explains.

Even tho, dmc was the first of it's kind and the beginning of many games of it's type (bayo included). He's mostly known for his crazy weapons and really fun attacks. But i guess fighting with a motor cycle while wearing a cowboy hat that rains meteors, isn't THAT new. Basically a wario clone really.

jambola552d ago

I do remember Dante using a guitar too

XxSPIDEYxX553d ago

Well he was pretty fun in Playstation all stars so, he'd be twice as fun in Smash.

Fluke_Skywalker553d ago

Yeah I was gonna say the same, he was one of the best characters in PS all stars.

553d ago
TheEnigma313553d ago (Edited 553d ago )

He would be good in smash. Just hope he isn't op.

CrimsonWing69553d ago

How would be as bad as any other character? I’m sure the Smash Bros. team would know how to implement him. I mean, they did it with Bayonetta.

553d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.