Little Town Hero Shows Game Freak Can't Do Much But Churn Out Pokemon

Little Town Hero is the perfect example of how Game Freak gets away with making lackluster games and survives on the Pokemon series.

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CrimsonWing69615d ago

Maybe people like these kinds of games?

King_Noctis614d ago (Edited 614d ago )

What this article failed to realize is Little Town Hero was developed under Game Freak's Gear Project initiative, a project that allow a small team from Game Freak to explore new-ish ideas/IPs. Its not like this game was made by hundred of people or anything like that.

I do agree that the game was not anything really spectacular, but if this is a start, then I think it could only get better from here.

patrick1614d ago

Well maybe now that they got this out of their system they can allocate resources to patch some of the more egregious problems with S&S.