Why the Final Year of a Console Can Be Its Most Exciting

The last year of a console's life span is typically its best. 2020 will be stellar for Xbox One & PlayStation 4, bolstered by games that push their limits.

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sourOG35d ago

It’s like the final year of a certain model car. They get all of the kinks ironed out through experience. Never buy the first model of a new car.

RaidenBlack35d ago

Even post-final years are amazing! That is even after the next gen has steam rolled in.
God of War II came out in 2007 to PS2 and was wayy better than anything was available in the next gen.
In 2014 we saw the release of The Last of Us: Left Behind, South Park: The Stick of Truth and famously Dark Souls II.

bluefox75535d ago

Depends on the console, lol.

35d ago