5 Reasons DLC Will NEVER Die

Are add-ons really necessary? Maybe not always. But there are plenty of reasons why DLC is still a necessity!

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PlatinumKing198227d ago

Im all for it if its quality dlc like both the Witcher add ons or Undead Nightmares, but stupid skins and crap i will never buy.

SegaGamer27d ago

I'm not even against the idea of DLC, it's how they abuse it, that is what I hate.

Like multiple season passes for fighting games. The price of these season passes are way overpriced as well. Some of them are priced at £30, and that is just insane. The worst thing is seeing idiots defend it and get excited about it, you people are complete mugs. They are laughing at your stupidity. If I was to buy Dragon Ball FighterZ today, it would cost me £44.99 for the standard game, £29.99 for the first season pass, and then £19.99 for the second season pass. So for the complete game, it costs.........£94.97. How can anybody say this is good value for money? This is just the start though, games like Dead or Alive and Street Fighter are even worse.

I am currently re-playing Dragon Quest 8, and after you complete the game, you open up a new area. If that game was released today, you can almost guarantee that this would be locked behind a paywall. This is what has become of gaming, and the worst thing is, you idiots allowed it to happen.

It's only going to get worse though. 5 years into the future, and I wouldn't be surprised if games have 5 or 6 season passes, and it's all because idiot gamers have no self control. They are quick enough to bitch and moan about this stuff, but they they still buy it.

silenthillstrangler27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

It's weird to think there was a long time I was enjoying video games without dlcs, both in game and pre order bonus. The most you'd get back in the day was a tshirt, figurine or tin case.
I remember when the horse armour came out and I couldn't believe it and now it's the norm, sad times.

Elda27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Because of the internet & online capabilities,the ability to download & it makes money.

P_Bomb27d ago

There’s been some top notch DLC out there, but it only takes a few bad apple atrocities to tip the scales.

How can Fortnite still be in early access with a constant stream of $30 packs, when you can buy Witcher 3: Complete for under $20? Who you trying to kid?

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