GameStop Store Closing Sales Can Be Ridiculous

GameStop stores are closing, and walking into one on its last legs can be a lot to take in. While folks could benefit from the sales, there's a human aspect to consider too.

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awdevoftw31d ago

I would be sad if my gamestops close. However, there are 3 within 5 miles of each other and 2 within a half mile.

TheSinsibleOne31d ago

There's only 2 in my whole county in Ireland lol

SlagWolf30d ago

Just one near me. I’d have to drive 50+ miles to get to the next one. I never go there any ways since I use steam and any console game I get online.

Yui_Suzumiya30d ago

There's about 8 in the city I live in and two are literally parallel to each other 😂

Kabaneri31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

This is the problem with digital media, yeah its more convenient but it comes at the cost of physical media and the infrastructure that supports it.

mgszelda130d ago

No the problem is gamestop overstepped long enough. Good riddance I say.

annoyedgamer30d ago

Gamestop is just too expensive. Best Buy and Amazon offer better deals on physical disks.

CyberSentinel30d ago

I absolutely agree.

Amazon offered new games for $48. Pre-orders, Day 1, free delivery, with no taxes!
I took total advantage of that offer for years! BB gives $5 credit for new games, free day one delivery. Gamestop never even tried to compete with Amazon or Best Buy.
They deserve to fail.

Rhythmattic30d ago

Retail at its basic level....
Bricks and Mortar... lease payments and people with a wage..

Why do you think Jeff Bezos is one of the richest men on the planet? One Warehouse to rule them all !

Rebel_Scum30d ago

Consoles too which is the only thing that keeps Gamestop relevant in the bricks and mortar market place.

KyRo30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

It's not solely the issue. GAME here in the UK is in the same mess as GS and that's down to nothing more than greed. They ain't competitive with pricing at all when you can go to your local supermarket or online games retailer and buy it a a cheaper price than what GAME will sell it but quite a bit.

They admit most of their sales come from pre-owned so why compete with other retailers on the new games so people will buy them there? Yes they may lose £5-£10 on each game sold but you would have had a sale instead of pushing people to go elsewhere for cheaper which lost them more money overall.

sprinterboy30d ago

Yep uk myself buddy, GAME went after the clueless passing mum and dad customers and forgot who was actually important to them.
Nothing but used although I take a peak every bf and they've always done a great launch console bundle (ps4 mega bundle) plus I take it they'll do good launch bundles and a midnight launch for ps5 so I'll probably go GAME again for the console but games and accessories is a no no.
Off topic but the midnight launch nights for nxt gen consoles will probably be the last?

rainslacker30d ago

GameStop's new release prices are the same as everyone else's. Their older games prices vary, but for some they're better than others, for some not as good as others. Their trade in prices really aren't that much different than what you find at Amazon or Best Buy. Maybe the difference of a few dollars, but GameStop will take back any game, regardless of condition. You can maybe make a bit more off Ebay, but after Ebay fees it's not usually much, and prices there are a race to the bottom. If one isn't a constant seller, shipping is usually a factor too. Their used game prices are really only high on new releases, but they're priced for their PUR program, which when used for the additional discount makes them the same price as other major retailers selling new releases. GameStop often has more deals on used games throughout the year.

People got on a hate train bandwagon because they think GameStop needs to give them more than they pay for new games, and apparently they are unable to say no to upsells or low trade in values. But, GS has only ever once been bad for me, and that was more because of a single employee than corporate policy. Might be because I can say no though.

The digital marketplace made it so they lost enough sales that their operating structure wasn't profitable. They tend to open their shops in expensive malls or strip malls. Have a lot of them close together, and of course have too many within a small area. They're trimming the fat now, which is probably their last attempt at staying open in their current form. But through the years we've been hearing all these things they're doing which aren't helping them apparently, but they're still chugging along, if not limping through it, so who knows how this current restructuring will go.

princejb13430d ago

More jobs lost to online sales

Ratty30d ago

How is that a problem exactly?

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Fist4achin30d ago

As much as I don't like their business practices, more GameStop stores closing is not a good thing.

Terry_B30d ago

Where will I get my Gamerwear now? ..oh right..they are just some clicks away :-)

bye bye Gamestop :)

Muzikguy30d ago

As much as I complain about GameStop they have the biggest selection of games around here. Something I'm always saying Best Buy needs to up their game on. Lately I buy from there or Target and not GameStop but that's because I already have a huge backlog so don't want used games (which I tend to look at when I go)

rainslacker30d ago

I agree. I like Amazon, and Best Buy is good but a pain to get in and out of around where I work, but GameStop always has a much larger selection where I can just go in and look at games. Amazon has more availability, and generally their older game prices are in line with game stop, and will vary up or down depending on the game. But, GameStop is just nice to go in and look at boxes, maybe have something catch my eye, and perhaps purchase it. It's also good if I want something right away, instead of waiting a couple days to get it....which is rare, but does happen once in a while. I still prefer to buy hardware at a retail outlet, because if there are problems, it's less of a hassle and wait to replace it.

Outlawzz30d ago

Best buy in my area has loads of games and game merchandise for all platforms so it's probably just the demographic in your area. I go anywhere except gamestop, always the worst prices there.

Muzikguy30d ago

I don't know. I've been too many and they're pretty much the same. They have the newest games and that's about it. Many times the flyer shows a sale price for a game and my store don't even carry the game.

CyberSentinel30d ago

The internet has a larger selection then Gamestop.
Gamestop is a dinosaur.

Muzikguy30d ago

The internet will always have a larger selection. I don't feel that's a valid argument to give up big box stores

LoveSpuds30d ago

Amazon have signed the death warrant of many retail sectors including videogames......... Still, at least they pay their taxes I suppose, right?

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