The Game Anthropologist: The Gaming Family Habit

Isn't it fascinating to think of the people behind the toons you see running around your screen? Do you ever just find a quiet spot next to a busy marketplace or popular crossroads in game and just people-watch? Although it's sometimes fun to venture a guess at the real lives behind the virtual ones, we may overlook the increasing number of families who play these games together. Husbands and wives. Fathers and sons. Mothers and daughters. The combinations are almost endless.

In a recent article over at Game Set Watch, Michael Walbridge takes a look at the inner dynamics of the family gaming habit. He tells an all-too-familiar story of one family member (in this case his wife) who wants nothing more than to play Wrath of the Lich King upon release, yet he has sworn off WoW for good, in lieu of Warhammer Online. When his wife finally realizes that swearing off WoW for good really means "for good" this time, it nearly brings her to tears. Will he give in and rejoin his wife at Wrath's launch? Will he continue with WAR, crushing his entire family dynamic?

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