Remember That $10 Million Lawsuit Against Nintendo? It's Been Overturned

In 2017, Nintendo lost a lawsuit over the Wii remote and was forced to pay $10 million dollars. That ruling, as well as the fee, has been overturned.

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Magic_Spatula26d ago

That's two cases they've won. They also recently won a case where they won't let consumers cancel digital pre-orders and don't have to refund them in the EU.

Rebel_Scum26d ago

Yikes that last one you mentioned is really bad.

Magic_Spatula26d ago

Yep. It's a really stupid and consumer unfriendly move by Nintendo and the courts. Hope someone smartens up soon and overturns it.

aarogree25d ago

Well that's...concerning.

Tross25d ago

At least we know now not to pre-order digital games through Nintendo. I don't live in Europe and tend not to pre-order digital games anyways, but being an informed gamer clearly has its benefits. I feel bad for the consumers who have been and will continue to be burned by policies such as the no pre-order cancellation policy.

Shiken25d ago

This is extremely good news. Glad this got overturned.

They need to allow canceling of digital pre orders though.