Xbox Project xCloud usage 1.75 times longer in Korea over U.S. and UK

SK Telecom and Microsoft Expands Project xCloud Preview to Strengthen Leadership in Cloud Gaming Market

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timotim27d ago

I said it before, ill say it gamers options to play your games regardless of their situation and hardware is a smart play. The games are what matters more than anything...the hardware is just a means to play the software.

CaptainCook27d ago

I was playing Madden NFL 20 on Xcloud, hardly any delay. The future is bright for Xcloud on the go.

Vasto27d ago

X Cloud is going to be huge. I tried it again during Christmas to show it to my 14 year old and playing Devil May Cry 5 I did not notice any lag at all.

X Cloud is getting better by the day and I can only imagine how good its going to be when Series X come out and Microsoft updates the servers from Xbox One to Series X.

Also with these numbers being this good in Korea I am sure they will be even better in China which I think is the #1 mobile market in the world.

Right now people dont see what Microsoft is doing but they will. Series X is just a small piece of Microsoft's plan.

27d ago