The Rest of that Godfall Gameplay Teaser Trailer Has Leaked

Thomas writes: "Yesterday we shared a sliver of Godfall gameplay that was leaked via a Reddit user. Come to find out it was early 2019 gameplay that most likely is not indicative of the final product launching this Fall."

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Sonyslave332d ago

This look like something my ps4 slim can run.

richierich31d ago

The guy updated the footage title saying "not PS5 footage"

darthv7231d ago

We all knew it was a PC game that got tapped to be a PS5 game. But honestly it isnt anything to write home about. Once real Sony games are shown for the PS5... this one will get cast aside in a heartbeat.

LeeFender31d ago

Yeah, its PC footage, which is even worse LOL.

SinisterKieran31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

if its not ps5 footage than it should be better. you have no limits on a pc.
damn people are stupid trying to defends these games.

Obscure_Observer31d ago

"This look like something my ps4 slim can run."

I agree. It looks exactly like Destiny 2.

Dovergamer31d ago


("This look like something my ps4 slim can run.")

I agree. It looks exactly like Destiny 2.

My name is Obscure Observer. I'm a resident bounty hunter troll that attacks, baits and tarnish PS4 and PS5 games and threads. I lurk over PS4 and PS5 threads throwing dirt to PS4 exclusives and PS5 news.

The images we are seeing are not PS5 images. The author clearly stated that it belongs to the PS4.

SolidGamerX31d ago

Then you should get your eyes checked.

Christopher31d ago

Yeah. I think we, in general, need to hold back our expectations of Y1 games on new hardware in general unless they're AAA exclusives.

I'll withhold judgment on the generic gameplay until they detail the gameplay and other elements as well.

nismo37031d ago

This is gameplay before it was pushed to PS5.
(not PS5 footage)

Christopher31d ago

@nismo370: It doesn't change anything I said at all.

RememberThe35731d ago

If your not fawning over every bit of next gen imagery, you're not a true gamer...

This dev has done almost nothing before. Something like a mobile game I think? Don't have high expectations for this one.

rainslacker31d ago

People seem more concerned about if this is a representation of a next gen title than they do about the game play to be honest. Such is the fate of having one of the first next gen games actually to be shown.

Anyhow, as far as game play goes, it's hard to tell, because only one thing was really shown in the game play, it it did look kind of stiff. That doesn't mean it's bad, just that the animations, and possibly the extent of game play variety could be underwhelming. But, who knows what more there may be.

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CaptainHenry91631d ago

Is this a first party title🤔

Christopher31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

No. Publisher is Gearbox, developer is Counterplay Games (pretty new to the scene and this is their first game of this sort).

l3w1s31d ago

Wake me up when ps4 slim can run anything [email protected]

l3w1s31d ago

Wow, one game. Back to sleep I guess.

And every retard that downvoted me: come at me with examples, stop being cowards.

Muzikguy31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

GT Sport is a game your comment was answered. Then move the goalposts 😂. Downvotes are warranted

l3w1s31d ago


PS4 Slim master race: enjoying their only [email protected] game.
The "goalpost" was that PS4 Slim can't run this and this goalpost hasn't moved an inch. Try to find something else that PS4 Slim "can run".

l3w1s31d ago


So none that you know of, gotcha.

King_Noctis31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

There are a few more games than you might have originally thought.

I’m not gonna bother posting those. You have access to Google search. Also, you specifically said “ anything [email protected]” and when people gave you the answer, you called them “r*tard”.

I would want to ask how old you are, but let be honest, we both already know the answer.

l3w1s31d ago


No, you don't. Stop being an idiot.
I know some games that ran [email protected] on my base PS4, I'm just sure that these pretentious idiots don't know and say such preposterous shit as PS4 slim can run even that old build.
And if you know something and then say "I'm not going to tell"...well, you don't know any. Sorry to break it to you.

IRetrouk31d ago

You asked a question and got it answered multiple times, making yourself look silly now🤦‍♂️

dontbhatin31d ago

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Blacklight: Retribution
Grand Turismo Sport (*****)
Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance
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l3w1s30d ago


It was a rhetorical question you fucking walnut. I know what games base PS4 can run [email protected] It was a response to an idiot, who thinks his Slim can fucking run Godfall. How are you so fucking stupid?

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31d ago Replies(1)
SamPao31d ago

480p I hope you have a screen for that quality

PGRfox31d ago

You're saying this a about a 1 minute clip from a compressed Youtube vid of an unfinished game? Idiot.

nucky6431d ago

it's from early 2019 and the video is only 480P .

Muzikguy31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

I don't know why people are knocking this game. Resogun wasn't spectacular either but it was a fun game for a launch title on the PS4. This isn't by a first party studio. Also, much of what's on PSN for PS4 "could" be played on older hardware

panconbasura31d ago

This looks like something I don't want to play.

Rude-ro31d ago

Pretty much.. except for the ray trancing, higher frames per second.. @4k

King_Noctis31d ago

Had this been an Xbox SX game, I think you wouldn’t get this much downvote for your comment.

mark_parch31d ago

I think it looks really good but I'm also pretty confident that this could run on a ps4 with a few settings dialled down.

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Echo_32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

I was told due to the game's exclusivity to next-gen that we would get an unprecedented generational leap in animation AI and physics. None of the promises have been fulfilled in this footage.

mrmikew201832d ago

Well in the the article it states that this early footage from 2019. Which is believable, because this looks totally different than the leak footage that was shown at VGA awards last year.

timotim31d ago

Actually, this looks exactly on par with the "in-engine" trailer they showed at the awards...

isarai31d ago

You're conveniently missing the part about it not being 1st party, which is what everyone was referring to in that argument.

TK-6631d ago (Edited 31d ago )

"You're conveniently missing the part about it not being 1st party"

You're conveniently moving the goalposts. So now it's not 'next-gen' games; its 'next-gen 1st party' games we have to wait for to see what these consoles are really capable of. So basically 2-3 AAA games in a good year? Maybe 1-2 on a slower year?

My god 9th gen sounds so exciting/s

l3w1s31d ago


Are you retarded? Did you know that more powerful specs are made by people and studios and not by hardware? The games will look however devs make them to look.

isarai31d ago (Edited 31d ago )


Next gen games will get there but 1st party games always have quite the edge do they not? Especially at launch, just one look at switches 1st party games will prove that. Also the goalpost was never moved, the subject was always about 1st parties as it is only the 1st party games that will be required cross-gen for 2yrs. But hey respond all you want im not gonna argue with with you. People trying to defend MSs weird decision are as bad as trying to argue with a flatearther, so it isnt worth it.

TK-6631d ago (Edited 31d ago )


"Are you retarded? Did you know that more powerful specs are made by people and studios and not by hardware? The games will look however devs make them to look.

Can you quack out this comment in a way that makes sense, and then elaborate on how it relates to my comment?


"Next gen games will get there but 1st party games always have quite the edge do they not?"

At the start of last-gen they definitely didn't. If anything 3rd party devs were the ones showing the benefits of the new hardware at launch. Dead Rising 3 and Battlefield 4 come to mind as doing a hell of a lot more than what Knack and Killzone did and even then there wasn't anything mind blowing at launch. It took over a year for 1st parties to come out with anything spectacular for current gen, so I dont have high hope's for launch titles pushing boundaries when 9th gen systems launch.

"But hey respond all you want im not gonna argue with with you. People trying to defend MSs weird decision are as bad as trying to argue with a flatearther, so it isnt worth it"

Cute projection. Also, if you cant distinguish between shutting down fear mongers like yourself and defending MS then I'm afraid you're the one with the mind comparable to a flat earther. It's always about MS with you people like you and never the principle. Interesting isnt it?

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31d ago Replies(1)
Silly gameAr31d ago

Is that what you were told? Sounds like you're full of it to me. Good to see some actual gameplay for a change though.

rdgneoz331d ago

Meanwhile Hellbalde 2 has a CGI video (not actual game play) released and praised, while Killzone 2 got blasted for doing the same.

starchild31d ago

That's not exactly an honest description. They released a completely pre-rendered CGI video for Killzone 2, while the Hellblade 2 trailer is in-engine and should be at least fairly indicative of what to expect in the game.

Ashunderfire8631d ago

Then you need new glasses bro!

What I see is fast and smooth gameplay that is screaming stable 4k/60fps! PC/PS5/Series X!

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TheRealTedCruz31d ago

This thing just doesn't seem interesting to me.

monkey60231d ago

Yeah I'd say its very bland looking myself. Just hasn't caught my interest

telekineticmantis31d ago

Agreed, outside of the opening screen nothing sparked my interest.

31d ago Replies(4)
rainslacker31d ago

I'm interested in it because I like the idea of a hack and slash looter. The game play videos I've seen so far make it seem like the combat is kind of stiff though. Like the animations and combat timing need some work and balance.

Graphics are OK, but I'm not going to hold it to some standard that it has to be the showcase for next gen to get any kind of attention like some people are doing. Graphics aren't my primary concern, and the game looks fine overall when not held up to some arbitrary standard of next gen expectations.

I'll keep an eye on it, but it's not something I'm currently salivating over.

OB1Biker31d ago

Its been confirmed by the devs, it's a year old pc footage.

Spenok31d ago

I agree, while it would be nice to be a graphical showcase, and it undoubtedly will look better than we've seen when it finally releases. But the point is it doesn't NEED to be in order to be a good game.

And I'm in the same boat. I'm a loot whore myself, so if a game let's me do that, and is an action combat game too? You can likely count me in.

SyntheticForm31d ago


Looks like something I've seen a hundred times over.

wwinterj31d ago

Most types of looter games don't appeal to me. Even more so ones that focus on co-op/online. Still at least this is more of a slasher and not just another looter shooter.

Spenok31d ago

Personally I don't think we've seen enough yet, and this is an internal trailer not meant to be shown to the public. Which is actually sort of a blessing as it gives us a glimpse of the every day gameplay outside of the explosive mass trailer that's undoubtedly to come.

However, I still think we haven't seen enough to really make a judgement yet.

+ Show (4) more repliesLast reply 31d ago
timotim31d ago

Is this current gen footage? Seems like maybe the game started out as a PS4 title that was then placed on hold for next gen to pad the launch. I have a hard time believing this what some had in mind when they said next gen design, physics and things that couldn't be done previously.

Larrysweet31d ago

Yall kidding ya self if ya think next gen gonna start with a massive leap

mrmikew201831d ago (Edited 31d ago )



If you see the short gameplay clip that they showed in the link above, you clearly see there's a difference between footage we see now versus what was shown then.

Maybe you misunderstood me in my last comment, but I was referring to this short clip that was shown at the VGA 2019. I'm confuse on what you're referring to........

timotim31d ago

That short clip wasn't shown at the VGAs though...only an in-engine trailer.

Ricegum31d ago


I'm looking forward to the next couple of months when you and the other Xbox guys on here are scrambling to hate on everything PS5 related. It's going to be hilarious.

nucky6431d ago

yea, they're like the democratic party - they think if they complain a lot then they must be right. LOL

31d ago
mrmikew201831d ago


What do you mean this wasn’t shown at the VGA?

Where else do you think it was shown at then?

timotim31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

You said "the short clip" were referring to the GIF that got leaked after the VGAs. During the actual VGAs, that GIF was never shown...only the "in-engine" trailer which looks exactly on par with the leaked footage here.

Do you feel this title fully takes advantage of the PS5? And dont act as if their aren't known PS fans in here also saying the footage didnt impress them as well. It is what it is...

OB1Biker31d ago

Hey maybe it started as a pc game, you know, when ps5 wasnt even a thing. Like maybe there was no ps5 a year ago. I know it sounds weird.

timotim31d ago

No...that doesn't sound weird at all. In fact, it sounds about right. I agree with way ANY title, 3rd or first party could FULLY be taking advantage of next generation hardware when dev kits have only been avalible for a year and the hardware isn't even finalized yet haha. I mean how could it right? Except some of us have been hearing that next gen exclusives is all they want to play on next gen hardware at launch...nothing tied to the previous generation because somehow that means the game wont FULLY take advantage of next gen hardware, and thats all they want to play at launch. Yet here we are with this "next gen" only title (PS5 & PC) and it looks and plays current gen....

OB1Biker31d ago

This footage is one year old.
I hope you dont think it's from a ps5 haha. It's from pc or at best an early devkit.