Commandos 2 HD Remaster Gets Some New Screenshots Ahead of Release

PP: Kalypso Media is bringing the crack squad of stealthy killers back in a HD remaster and to celebrate the impending release, the publisher has released a new batch of screenshots for us nerds to gawp over.

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CorndogBurglar31d ago

For all the praise it got, I actually never played it. Maybe this is the perfect opportunity to finally do that.

31d ago
AllThingsShining31d ago

Wow, I had no idea this was even in development. Excellent news! Next up, Hidden and Dangerous remaster!

1nsomniac31d ago

Hidden & Dangerous wow that brings me back. Awesome game but I remember how hard it was!

Vetalka8331d ago

I still have my ps2 version,i remember i loved it but controls were not the best.cant wait to play it on ps4 anyway.

LoveSpuds31d ago

The original Commandos was the game that made me buy a PC, I adored that series of games.

I'll definitely pick this up on PS4, if its as well executed as Shadow Tactics was, I'll be delighted.

Boog_8931d ago

Whaaaaaaaaaaat!? I loved this game so much, green beret is a legend DIS IS MOINE! .... many great memories. I used to just replay the first 2 levels as couldn't get out the first room in 'white death' as didn't know how to rotate camera haha. Hope they fix the bug where you couldn't get all the bonus book pieces and complete the medal collection.