Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions for PS4, Switch, & PC Gets First Screenshots, Box Art, & More

Following the announcement of Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions, Bandai Namco followed-up with a press release sharing more details and assets.

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hasanthesyrian32d ago

Damn, that anime from my childhood is getting a game?

Myst-Vearn32d ago

Bro...tell me about it! I couldn't believe we got a new anime Captain Tsubasa (Majid!) and now a game. We are also getting new Dai's adventure anime as well next year! they're exploiting nostalgia and it's super effective.

KaaF32d ago

What? Captain Tsubasa has like 15 games since the NES days.

Fluttershy7732d ago

Tsubasa II In the old days I loved the game so much, that I used to write down the Japanese characters passwords of the famicom version (just to be able to continue the game)

31d ago
AnotherGamer32d ago

They were still making games, but only in Japan. This is the first Tsubasa game on the USA i think.

TheKingKratos32d ago

Whaaaaat?! ... this is real ?

CaEsAr-32d ago

Why no xbox version though?

Abriael32d ago

Phil Spencer went to Japan today. Too late. 😂

CaEsAr-31d ago

😂😂😂 fuck the xbone

agent1332d ago

finally a proper game for captain tsubasa kun? I loved 2018 captain tsubasa anime reboot I hope namco will not disappoint

Playwrite32d ago

I can't even. I also can't wait. This looks ridiculously amazing.

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