Remember When… A Final Fantasy VII Tech Demo First Baited Fans Into Wanting a Remake

With Final Fantasy VII Remake's new delay, let's look back on the first glimpse gamers got of a better-looking Cloud.

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CrimsonWing6934d ago

geezus, what is with the news stories on N4G lately?

curtain_swoosh34d ago

i guess there's nothing else to write about lol.

2pacalypsenow34d ago

This year there wont be any big news unless its related to Ps5 or Xbox.

Lighter934d ago

I remember that awesome realistic Zelda TP tech demo.

Spenok34d ago

Oh, how I wish Nintendo would go back to a realistic look for Zelda. Sure, stylize it as necessary, but something along the vein of that tech demo and I'll be happy.