HAIM provide the latest Rocksmith Song Pack

Neil writes: "They've been sitting pretty as one of the opening acts on massive world tours by Taylor Swift, The Killers, and even Rihanna, but today we see HAIM hit the big time, with a Song Pack bringing together some of their most well-known tunes into the Rocksmith world."

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ccgr26d ago

Have to check these songs out!

Rebel_Scum26d ago

This Rocksmith.... I play guitar, have done for 20+ years and can learn most stuff by ear that I want to learn and can read tabs with ease to get an idea of the tune.

Is this a thing where if I play it, its gonna make me feel like a complete beginner again because Im having read a different way?

NapalmSanctuary25d ago

Ive played guitar and bass since the early 90s (though I haven't picked up a real instrument in about a decade) and I don't get these types of games at all. Seems more intuitive just to buy cheap guitar and get started for real. That said, my friend who is a damn good drummer and can also play a bit of actual guitar, really loves the old guitar hero games.