Digital Foundry: Xbox Next-Gen Features You Can Try Today: 120Hz/ VRR on Xbox One

8K, 120Hz, Variable Refresh Rate... well, the first one is off the cards but 120Hz support and VRR are already built into Xbox One X and Xbox One S - so what do they actually do? With no games running at 120Hz, is there actually any point? Well YES...and no!

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Babadook7252d ago

This is good for any games not hitting a solid 60 or 30 fps.

DigitallyAfflicted252d ago

way to much information, but anyways good for xbox to be so advanced

DJStotty252d ago

Can never have too much info on a new console, the clearer the message, the better.

Profchaos252d ago

I tried this as it allegedly supports the entire Xbox One ecosystem I connected my og Xbox One to a asus rog strix xg248q which supports 240htz via free sync and gsync and I unlocked a variable refresh rate option but according to my monitor nothing could actually run above 60hz
And I didn't get the unlock option for anything higher than 50hz support

Lon3wolf252d ago

Not sure why they say the og One can support it (taken from 2018, Windows Central):

To take advantage of 120Hz, you'll need an Xbox One X or Xbox One S running the Xbox May 2018 Update.

darthv72252d ago

It doesnt work with the og because of the incorrect HDMI spec. You need 2.0 (which is in the S and X) in order to take advantage of these features.

Profchaos252d ago

Ahh makes much more sense.

SLiSH83252d ago

I run free sync on my Xbox, once you do it’s hard to go back to non free sync

isarai252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

Really hope Sony ads VRR to ps4/5, gonna be getting an LG C9 OLED soon which supports VRR/G-Sync and it'd be a bummer if they never did

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thexmanone252d ago

Great tv. get it now. Don`t listen too these people who say you will get burn in.

BenRC01252d ago

Yeah but it's always at the back of your mind innit? ; )

isarai251d ago

Oh im not going to listen in the slightest, pretty sure RTINGS knows far more than any of these guys and even though ive literally gave them a video of RTINGS testing C8s for A YEAR STRAIGHT they still wanna talk about some friend of theirs who bought non-descript oled and got burn in. What a joke

BenRC01252d ago

Mate has killed his oled with some 4:3 viewing. Now has a square burnt into his TV. Not spending £1k+ to worry constantly what people are watching or worry about channel logos.
Went for a samsung q9 and never even think about it.

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