Rockstar Got £37.6 Million in Video Games Tax Relief This Year - Report

A new report indicates that Rockstar Games managed to get about £37.6 million in Video Games Tax Relief, or 37% of the UK's games industry.

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LucasRuinedChildhood27d ago

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer, unfortunately. We all know that Rockstar doesn't need this tax relief. Imagine if that money was given to smaller studios and indie teams. Or, perhaps this money could have gone to services like the NHS.

b163o127d ago

I've heard that, the reason for this tax relief is because of R* is deep into development on a unannounced project *Cough*(GTA6). It kind of makes since too, RDR2 came out last year, so what would they be developing? R* has said our current gen systems will not be able to run the next GTA. The reason why its unannounced? Probably waiting on M$ and Sony to announce there next gen systems...

26d ago
The_Sage25d ago

How much have they paid in taxes?