Next-Generation Consoles: Battle of Ecosystems

The next generation consoles will usher in the end of traditional console generations, and the fight will focus more on ecosystems and services.

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PlatinumKing198232d ago

All I know is I won’t be making the mistake of jumping into next gen day 1 like last gen . Damn I harldly used them for about a year until the real games started to come

darthv7232d ago

I waited 3 years before I got into 8th gen. By then there were lots of games to choose from. I dont plan on waiting that long but I will prob wait a year if not 6 months.

_SilverHawk_32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Getting ps5 day one and not because some console rep. told me what will be amazing about next gen consoles but because ps4 was amazing just like all playstation consoles. Xbox one was rubbish this gen so I haven't much interest in the next xbox system but if I see some amazing game made by xbox that I'm interested in then I'd buy the superior version on pc. Playstation always gets the most exclusive games as well as the highest rated critically acclaimed games by quantity every generation. Ps5 most likely will follow the same trend like the other consoles before

ilikestuff32d ago

I think it’s best to wait a year, let some good stuff come out. I hopped in the first month of ps3 and had resistance to play for a whole year. Did it again in ps4 and had killzone to play that time around. I’ll wait a while and then grab a ps5. Or they’ll release some game I just have to play and I’ll buy the ps5 in the first month. Lol guess I’ll just have to wait and see

S2Killinit32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Buying a PS5 day one. Im getting one regardless so why deprive myself a whole year? I want to make the most use of it and get the best bang for my buck.

UltraNova32d ago

Best bet is to wait at least 6 months, preferably 1 year. This will give you the advantage of staying clear of problematic hardware (early adopters are beta testers in a way) avoiding the pain that comes with it. Furthermore, more games will be out by then and launch window ones will be reduced in price too. Its a win win situation IF you can hold back for sometime.

Fortunately for us with mid-gen console's (Pro /Xb1X) can "endure" for one more year, hopefully!

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King_Noctis32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

I got a PS4 just one month after release, and the only game I play was Infamous Second Son. Jumping in too fast mean paying more while getting less games.

However, we’ll see what they will announce. Maybe next gen will be abit different from this one. While I’m not gonna get it day one, I won’t wait years either.

nucky6432d ago

i get your point. but, if ps5 launches with demon souls - i'm buying day1.

Atom66632d ago

I'm with you. I'm going to try to wait until Nov. 2021.

Looking at the delays recently, the games still on target for 2020, and my backlog, I'll be busy while the initial launch hiccups and droughts fix themselves.

Any stellar launch game will be on sale by then, and we might start seeing some actual next gen titles.

RevXM31d ago

I understand not everyone would want to get one right away.

Chances are there will only be like 2-5 exclusives around launch and a few next gen only multiplats to possibly justify it. That is enough for me. Just way too excited about hardware and even if there is only a few games to get at launch Ill be happy, more will come soon enough.

The fact that ps5 will be bc with atleast ps4 really helps too if there is a few months between more enticing releases.
I can just play a ps4 game on it, assumingly with at least fully locked framerate and higher resolution. Hopefully some games get patched to allow higher fps on ps5 as well, but we will see how all that goes down.

SpeedDemon31d ago

I felt the same way with my X1, but I havent bought a pro or X, so If the new consoles support backwards compatibility I'll get one on day 1 just for the performance boost.

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It’s clear that MS doesn’t give a damn about hardware sales. All they want is to ensure that Game Pass is in as many households as possible. Right now I know that I NEED to buy a PS5 for Spiderman 2. Thats a game I HAVE to have. Microsoft hasnt shown me a next-gen game that I HAVE to have that I can’t also get on a PS5.

MasterCornholio32d ago

Well the way I see it selling consoles helps push those services. Which is why I don't believe that Microsoft doesn't care about console sales.


They don’t. Microsoft’s goal is to put GP on as many existing platforms as possible.....that includes the Switch and the PS5 along with all Android and iOS devices. MS has already run the numbers on their end and determined that they make more money by getting as many GP subscribers as possible as opposed to playing the hardware sales game.

Sony on the other hand is focused on traditional console gaming while the Switch caters mainly to handheld gamers. This is the first generation where the Big 3 are all doing their own thing and aren’t “directly” competing with each other.

Muzikguy32d ago

They don't care because the services are available now on PC and X1


@Muzikguy You get it. Here’s a cookie 🍪

FanboySpotter32d ago

Logic fails with some people that feel ms wants gamepass on other consoles. Which isn't true- 2bil mobile devices over a couple mil consoles is what they are going for with gamepass.

MasterCornholio32d ago


And people use those services on Xbox when they but an Xbox?


"getting as many GP subscribers as possible as opposed to playing the hardware sales game"

Which you can get by selling more hardware.

Does anyone see the point that I'm trying to make?

If anything looking at the increase of PSPlus subscribers from the PS3 to the PS4 shows that there's a positive relationship between units sold and subscriptions.

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timotim32d ago

I love how even when its an article talking about ECOSYSTEMS, that some can still manage to turn it into a talking point about console units sold only, as if that makes up the totality of an ecosystem.

To say Microsoft doesn't care about hardware sales is not only silly, but missing the bigger picture to what the article is speaking on. Of course Microsoft cares about hardware sales...they wouldn't have announced or even bothered making a new console for 2020 - which they believe is the "fastest, most powerful" - if they didnt. They want to sell as many as they can make, to think otherwise is to imply they are just producing SX for their health...just to say they did it. Now I know Microsoft has money and all...but they aren't one of the world's most valuable companies for nothing. They dont just intentionally throw money down the drain. Of course they care.

HOWEVER...we are talking ECOSYSTEM here...this goes beyond just selling consoles. When we discuss Microsoft's gaming ecosystem, that means consoles, PCs, mobile devices and other hardware. Its hardwares - plural. Its their job to support all of these forms of hardware in their ecosystem...for those who just wants to play on one of these, to others that wants to play on a combination of all of them.

To use your Spiderman 2 NEED to buy PS5 to play the game (we dont know this to be true btw, but for argument sake we will rock with it for now), but what about gamers who will NEED TO PLAY Halo Infinite??? Well, Microsoft will have a range of hardware and services in their ECOSYSTEM that will allow gamers to do just that. That doesn't mean that they dont care about selling a specific type of hardware...but more so that they care more about ALL the ways gamers can enter that ecosystem to play their games...SX is just one piece of that puzzle.


I stand corrected. MS DOES care about hardware sales.... it’s just not their main focus anymore.

MasterCornholio31d ago


That makes more sense to me. However I'm pretty sure the existence of Lockhart will confirm how much they care about sales.

If they are crazy about selling consoles a budget next gen system will exist if not then Xbox Series X will be the only option.

timotim32d ago

I the past... the sole reason why you as a platform holder would want to sell as many consoles as you could was because the more pieces of hardware you sold, the more potential you gave yourself to sell more software. If you only sold 3 consoles in its lifetime, that only meant a potential of 3 copies per game you could sell...however, the higher that number of hardware, the more you could make the real money which is from constantly selling more games to a higher number of people. The hardware was just a means to the software.

Thats not the case anymore. Since the goal has always been about the software, then thats where the innovation lies for growth for these companies. Technology simply wasn't at that place in the past for software to be as pervasive as it is today. We are now at a time where the ecosystem revolving around software plays its biggest role yet. We buy consoles to play games on them...period. Microsoft is saying that they are giving you more ways to get at these games than ever before...console, PC, mobile...even on devices you might already own....because the more ways we as gamers can get at the games, the more potential they give themselves to make the real money and reach more people...

Its going to come down to the games (software), which is how it should be.

Dosed1131d ago

timotim, I think you will find that people with your level of understanding and ability to articulate that understanding into a cohesive argument is wasted here.

Unless you post things like 'M$ shooting themselfs in dA foot again, why buy XboX when Ppl can just play on a PC' then i dont think that people here understand what you are saying.

nucky6432d ago

also going to need a ps5 for:
bloodborne 2
any insomniac games
days gone 2
any killzone games
god of war 5
demon souls remake (and possibly demon souls2?)
all naughty dog games
horizon: zero dawn sequel
and we don't even know about what new exclusives they're working on.......there are sure to plenty of "must-have" games on ps5. sony has always delivered.


I actually hear Days Gone was a great game.

bluefox75532d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Yeah, it's great for me that I don't have to buy an Xbox if on the off chance they release I game that I want to play I can just play it on pc. Not sure how it's good for them though.

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Muzikguy32d ago

Maybe I'm the minority, but I don't want more services. I don't want more monthly bills. I'm perfectly fine with gaming in the traditional sense. PS5 day one even though I'll still have a backlog. I'm hoping they release PS1 games I've been trying to find for it as well like the original Rollcage, Intelligent Cube, and some others

nucky6432d ago

i'm getting ps5 day1 too. and now that dying light 2 has been delayed indefinitely, i'll be waiting to play that game on the new console. it's nice that ps5 will be BC with ps4 games.

bluefox75532d ago

You're not the minority, but they're gonna force it down our throats anyway because it's more profitable.

Dovergamer31d ago

You took those words out of my head. I can't say it better.

Besides 106,000,000 PS4 users are NOT the minority for sure.

AK9132d ago

What? The thing that sells consoles are games not services or ecosystems.

FanboySpotter32d ago

And what makes sony and ms the most money is software. Thats why we see more and more stuff pointing to sony wanting ps games on pc as well.

31d ago
timotim32d ago

"The things that sells consoles..."

One day some of you will realize that simply "selling consoles" isn't the end all be all for these companies. Sony has sold 106 million PS4s in 7 years, yet there's over 7 billion people on the planet. Now we as gamers already know that gaming is one of the best forms of entertainment out there, yet only 106 million consoles sold??? Do we just continue to do the same thing over and over and expecting to reach more people? Who ever told you that selling consoles was the main point of all this???


Precisely. By focusing on services, you widen your potential customer base. Most people can’t stomach shelling out $499 for a new console, but $15 a month for GP/Xcloud seems more reasonable to the average consumer. Imagine 106 million people subbing to GP/Xcloud for $180 a year. Thats 19 BILLION in revenue from people who don’t own an Xbox. THIS is why MS is doing what they’re doing.

badz14932d ago (Edited 32d ago )

MS moving the goalposts again. There is noway consoles are gonna survive on service alone. Stadia is the latest example of this. "Battle of service" my a$$! It will always be the battle of the games for me.

King_Noctis32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

“ There is noway consoles are gonna survive on service alone.“

If their main goal to sell their next gen hardware, then why do they put all their new exclusive (at least for 1 or 2 years) on the Xbox One as well? The idea is to sell their service. Obviously they aren’t afraid of selling less console. Console is a side business (albeit a huge one) for them.

King_Noctis32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

But games are on the Gamepass service. What do you think people get when they pay for Gamepass? Movie?

badz14932d ago

it's still a service. why do you think cinemas still thriving to this day with Netflix and other streaming services around? it's because movies released exclusively on cinemas first before going to the other services on a much later date.'s totally up to MS where and how they wanna release their games but in my opinion, they have ultimately doomed the SX even before its release by not having exclusive and even if it does, they will still come day and date on PC and Gamepass which negate the need for buying any xbox to begin with. now I know I don't have to buy an xbox at all if there are games I wanna play that are not on the PS4 or PS5.

I fully applaud MS for their strategy as I will not be forced to buy any of their hardware and maybe not even use their service as the games will be on Steam as well where I like it, but to say that the SX stand a chance against the PS5 because it's going to be the battle of services is a bit delusional. again...IMO!

bluefox75532d ago

Because game journalists and even some gamers act more like shareholders than gamers.

Dovergamer31d ago


"What? The thing that sells consoles are games not services or ecosystems."

How dare you speak common sense in N4G. How dare you?

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2pacalypsenow32d ago

“will usher in the end of traditional console generations”

SONY and Nintendo still have generations....


I have faith that Ninty will stay the course for at least the next decade, but there have been a lot of changes at SCE since Jim Ryan took over. If you told me in 2018 that Death Stranding and HZD we’re going to be on PC, I wouldn’t have believed it. Things are changing, let’s hope it’s all for the better.

2pacalypsenow32d ago

Who said HZD was going to Pc? That rumor?

And death stranding was know to be going to PC since the beginning.

nucky6432d ago

and they've explained those SCE changes if you'd paid attention. also, death stranding is not a sony 1st party game. and btw, what's wrong with sony making some extra cash by selling a 3-year-old excluisve on pc? i'm sure pc gamers will enjoy H:ZD. and let me know when sony starts releasing 1st party games onto pc simultaneous with their console release - THEN, i'd agree with you that things at sony ARE changing.

King_Noctis32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

“Who said HZD was going to Pc? That rumor?”

People said the same when there are rumors going around that DS is coming to PC. This HZD rumor comes from Jason of Kotaku, and if we’re being honest he’s rarely wrong.

badz14932d ago

there was never a rumor about DS coming to PC as it was first announced to be console exclusive to the PS4 or "play it first on PS4". it was never declared as "only on PS4" if you really pay attention.

what really caught people off-guard last year was how they announced the PC release date even before the PS4 release which is a bit strange. it was never a matter of "IF" with DS, just the matter of "WHEN"

Rude-ro32d ago

The very frat information about death stranding was that it would release first on PS4, then go to pc.
No rumor. No leaked I formation.
Day 1 announcement.

2pacalypsenow31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

DS was never going to be an exclusive, since they said "first on PlayStation", which means timed exclusive.

Same thing with the FF7 remake, it was never going to be exclusive.

King_Noctis31d ago

I don’t think if you guys have short term memories, or just try not to remember. You all have been in DS PC articles from the past, and some of you even commented that it will never come to PC because it uses the Decima engine which is owned by Sony.

“ HeisenbergX153d ago
Death Stranding is not releasing on Pc anytime soon if ever”

“ sampsonon153d ago
it's not, and pc gamers need to go back to playing WoW”

“ TheEnigma313153d ago
If you though this was gonna launch for PC after Sony financed this, you're a new fool”

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