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I picked up the Founder’s Edition of Google Stadia when pre-orders were first made available, thinking of it as an...

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Knightofelemia32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

" However, as it is, this issue makes some games unplayable with the sound on." $10 a month to play mute games is a waste of money if I can't play a game with sound coming from it may as well just skip it. Could be your internet or you could use a better pc but what you're stating is what other Stadia people have said. About the lag on the system and the thing throws heat and my tv does not have a convection oven feature on it. Google markets the Stadia simply plug and play they neglect to say that there might be some lag when playing a game I'll put my money on a PS5. Stadia simply put was half assed put together, poorly planned and pushed out the door for the Xmas season like the PS1 mini.

VivaChe31d ago

The biggest issue with Stadia is not technical -- although that is a big one -- it's the business model. You have to pay again for EACH GAME in addition to the base subscription cost. That would be like paying monthly for Netflix, then paying say $30 for each individual movie you watch. That's insane. And that's not even mentioning the $130 you paid for the equipment.

kmanmx31d ago

No. The base subscription is free, you just pay for the game. The premium subscription is $10 a month and comes with 2 free games each month and large discounts on other games.

Prince-Ali31d ago

And the free version isn't out yet!

fathertime446431d ago

You neglected to mention that you only get 4k hdr with the pro model and that at this time none of the stadia games are able to run at 4k

Kyizen31d ago

A bit confused by the thumbs up. Pluses in the review are fairly easy to set up, and quick or no load times. Negatives are delayed audio, poor visuals and button latency. Some of the discussion points are odd. Talks about $9.99 being worth for 2 free games a month but Xbox Gold and Ps Plus give at least 2 games are $5 a month...if you dont grab a year pass on sale where it would be less. Paying this and having to buy games you dont seem own seem like a huge negative for me. Why they dont do a game pass like structure baffles me...

fathertime446431d ago

There's only 20games or so on stadia right now, a game pass type subscription is currently pointless

AK9131d ago

Just get the MS version