Having Xbox LIVE Connection issues?

Major Nelson writes:

"In the past few hours, the Xbox Operations Center noticed that large number of members were disconnected from Xbox LIVE, some more than once. Our Engineering teams are actively working to determine the root cause of this issue and to prevent it from happening again. If you are disconneced, you should be able to reconnect after a few minutes. Thanks for your patience as we work quickly to solve the issue."

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Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3719d ago

...I didn't swear enough!!! ;-D
ONLY JOKING!!!...Ooooops;)

darkequitus3719d ago

Better now than the 19th!


The Matrix3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

Yeah XBL seems to be running slow. PSN is working fine though. I guess I'll switch from gears 2 to resistance 2 for the day.

wetowel3719d ago

And people pay money for this? i thought XBL was supposed to be superior?

La Chance3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

says the guy who bought a PS3 for 600$ then bought a Dualshock 3 then bought an extra HDD.You sound cheap for a PS3 gamer.

No seriously why are the only ones who complain about paying for LIVE are the ones who DONT pay for live since they got a PS3 or whatever.

I have a feeling this thread is going to be invaded by you know who.

P.S : What happened last year better not happen this year too.

@rofflecopter below : then why do you carry on paying ?! I dont pay for live.If I were an online addict who refuses to pay a couple of bucks a month for online I would get a PS3 and play on PSN.

Anyways , if it does become free one day then all the better.

Rofflecopter3719d ago

i pay for live yet i complain about it..

on topic: i really hope that this doesn't mean that LIVE is gonna crash again over Christmas.. id be pretty pissed. Since I've been having issues now, ive switched back to resistance 2 for a few days, hopefully i wont have a reason to get pissed at microsoft over my winter break..

Bzone243719d ago

This topic is going to become a ps3 fanboy convention.

I'm glad psn never has any issues.

cheapndirty3719d ago

All XBL gold members will get yet ANOTHER FREE ARCADE GAME for this so called hassle. Last year they gave us undertow for the three days of problems. I am all for trading free games for an occasional hiccup.

MS is quick to make up for any problems with live.

jaysquared3719d ago

I have to admit this is bull crap! We pay for this service and yes I know some paid service go down as well.. This is just frustratin! Its just too bad Sony doesn't offer a comparable service and don't have the great games to switch me over. Socom, MGO, early problems with COD4, GTA, Warhawk was one of the reason I didn't switch to PSN.

IdleLeeSiuLung3719d ago

I don't know why people complain so much about Live's cost and reliability about something so minor. Let's do a comparison here:

- You pay $30+/month for premium cable, does your service every go down?
- You Pay $30+/month for high speed internet, does the service ever get interrupted? Does it have hiccups?
- You pay $5/month for Live and it goes down. MS informs you of the problem, that some didn't even experience. All hell breaks loose....

Live has additional features that PSN doesn't have, and people like it. Live will continue to charge as long as people is willing to pay for it and that Sony isn't catching up. So far, Sony is exactly that catching up and not quite on par.... I'm not talking about online play reliability, but just features in general that people like. So get over it and go play some games!!! Jeeezzzzzzzzzzz.....

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ChrisGTR13719d ago

im also having trouble playing gears 2 online. great, i cant belive stupid a** MS screwd up the online again after all the issues from last december. it better not be the same thing this time around.

ChampIDC3719d ago

Yeah, let's hope it's not a mess again this winter. I haven't been having any trouble yet. It seems it might just be a few bugs in the system that only some people are running into(knock on wood).

OOG3719d ago

lmao its minor issues anyway....goes back online after a few mins

soccerstar3719d ago

I wouldnt call then minor issues at all. I have been disconnected multiple times, unable to play any game with matchmaking at all; gears 2, cod5 all last night and today and it get really annoying considering this is identical to what happened last year you would think those guys at microsoft would have it figured out by now what their issue is unless they really want to be sued again for this crap

OOG3719d ago

nah nope they are minor...because I too have been playing when it happened....and yes a few mins later i was playing again....needs to be fixed but not as severe as you make it out to be

ChrisGTR13719d ago

ok the problems are gone for now at least

GarandShooter3719d ago

Just got done trying to play Horde. Can't get through more than ten waves before there's a connection issue. Hope they get it worked out soon.

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BLUR1113719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

aah Microsoft is such pros at fixing their issus.

Can't help to be a loyal costomer to them :)

and mr.ps3, why soooo angry at their success at dragging sony in the dirt??:/

GWAVE3719d ago

"aah Microsoft is such pros at fixing their issus."

For the sake of humanity, I truly hope you were being sarcastic there.

ultimolu3719d ago



Then why are 360's still dying out to this day? They're experts and can't even fix their damn hardware.


Xlll3719d ago

Yeah they fixed vista too........................... .

Bnet3433719d ago

I got disconnected from a match I was losing in Gears 2 ha ha. Apparently everyone on my list got disconnected that time because I signed back on and only like 5 people were on and before that there were 26