Ace Gamez: Fable 2 Review

Ace Gamez writes: "Dogs - regardless of whether or not you're a little bit scared of them, or the fact that they occasionally choose to store their defecations under your favourite chrysanthemum, chew up the newspaper before you've done the crossword or scare the bejeezus out of you by barking for no apparent reason at imagined prowlers - are great. Not only are they man's best friend in every clichéd cartoon or teenage drama ever to come out of Hollywoodland but they can also play emotional parts that tug at the heartstrings in a way that no human-to-human relationship can, as seen, for example, in I Am Legend. So it's no surprise that the videogame industry has cottoned on to the concept and implemented it into two of 2008's biggest and most anticipated games, one being Fallout 3 and the second being the subject of this review - Lionhead Studio's life-simulating action adventure mammoth, Fable II."

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