Ace Gamez: Saints Row 2 Review

Ace Gamez writes: "Comparison is something that happens a lot in the videogames industry, for many reasons. Probably the biggest one is that the best titles in each genre provide a benchmark against which to measure new games and if one game is a second-rate rip-off of another then you're clearly better off sticking with the original. However, the obsession with comparison can get a bit out of hand; after all, there's tremendous scope within any given genre and at times it simply isn't warranted. I mean, would you really compare Serious Sam to Ghost Recon or Burnout to Gran Turismo? Saints Row 2 is a great example of misguided comparison, because while on the surface it looks like a GTA clone, it's so different to the latest iteration of Rockstar's infamous series that to draw comparisons with regards to gameplay would be unfair to both titles. Still, if you really want a comparison, here it is: if the two games were action movies then GTA IV would be The Bourne Ultimatum and Saints Row 2 would be Commando - they're both very entertaining in completely different ways, so rather than picking favourites or making unwarranted comparisons, why not just sit back and enjoy the very different experiences that each has to offer?"

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