What Are Some Of The Hundreds Of Consumer Events That Sony May Use To Promote The PS5

It is no secret that Sony is once again skipping E3 but a new Opinion Piece looks at what the company may have in mind for the "hundreds of consumer events" they spoke of.

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Anomander28d ago

Like they need hundreds of events to promote it. It promotes itself.

Dovergamer28d ago

Their exclusive portfolio did the talking for the PS4. We will get the same with the PS5.

Garethvk28d ago

There are rumors of no major launch exclusives so I could see them wanting to add hype.

Dovergamer28d ago

"People buying it at launch is going to be us. Not the masses."

But we are the masses. Look how sales went for the PS4.

rainslacker28d ago (Edited 28d ago )


And there is a rumor that says Sony has a god-like level launch lined up.

Funny how which rumors get picked to believe are based on what people want to believe.

porkChop28d ago

That's not how it works. If you have a product coming out you want the masses to know about it, not just the minority that read forums. Having a brand name and great games/software isn't enough.

Garethvk28d ago

Get it out to as many of the buying public as you can to look over. Will they be able to meet demand at launch though?

Shane Kim28d ago

People buying it at launch is going to be us. Not the masses.

mrets12328d ago

First replay ive read on this thread that made sense lol

Dovergamer28d ago

You have 106 millions aware of the PS4. It would be easy to convince those. Sony will show up at the right time. It's a matter of few weeks. Then the campaign will go easily for them. The rest will be done be the internet and their streamers.

Anomander28d ago

They are not going to be able to make enough to Put it out to the Masses at Launch. There will be supply problems especially if they launch in several territories at the same time. I can only speculate how much die yield they are getting as well since these are new parts.

nucky6428d ago

you REALLY think "the masses" don't know about the playstation brand? there are 100 MILLION ps4s out there - that seems pretty "massive" to me. i've never had anyone ask me what ps4 was when i mentioned it. and i'm 55 with a life outside of gaming. however, i've never even had non-gamers say they didn't know what i was talking about when i mention ps4. porkchop - PS has been around for over 25 years. everyone knows about it.

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TheColbertinator28d ago

Predicting the future again, Gareth?

Always with the clickbait, never any news.

Muzikguy28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Their own showing in February will be enough. Stories will be all over after that and they can do minor promotions throughout the rest of the year. Commercials online and such.

rainslacker28d ago

They don't need any event. A video on YouTube and Twitch will have the same effect. In the end, that's where 99.999% of the people who watch their events watch the events anyways, so it's not real difference in the end.

nucky6428d ago

i haven't even seen the console and i'm buying day1 based off 25+ years of success and delivering fantastic 1st-party content.

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Dovergamer28d ago

The best promotion they could ever have is their delivery of great exclusive games. They already have this.

Suffice to show up game play, console and their exclusives. The rest will be history.

ArmyVetGamer28d ago

Um is this a rhetorical question?

I don't know... maybe PSX or TGS?

Def won't be E3

DigitalHope27d ago

GDC, Paris Games Week, PAX East, PAX West, every single Comic Con. Sony could literally turn any of those events into a bigger deal than E3 at this point.

Apocalypse Shadow28d ago

They can do one major reveal event. And also show up at the Tokyo Game Show to keep their presence known there as Japan has fallen to mobile gaming.

Then, have a few mini PSX events throughout the world in the major countries PlayStation sells to let the fans get a first hand experience of PS5 up close. And they'll do fine.

The internet has killed most of these major conferences as you can feed consumers direct information at any time. And fan experiences will create more positive word of mouth than any industry journalists or bloggers as they have become a negative influence with their bias or advertising corruption. You can't even get most of them to speak the truth about broken games before release. Sony don't need to rely on most of them until they change their ways.

rainslacker28d ago

It's kind of a shame, because these events are exciting. I imagine even more so for those that get to attend. There is a lot of nostalgia built up around these kinds of events, and I like that they exist.

But the reality of the world today is that you can actually reach just as many, if not more with much less effort. Social media has changed how we access the world, for better or worse. You take the good with the bad, and while corporate mentality has perverted what social media could be in the way it perverts everything, the general public has been pretty complicit in marginalizing the power and greatness that social media could become.

yellowgerbil28d ago

They only need one event. Held in my room. VIP only, as in me only. Exclusivity of the event will sell it ;)

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