Ace Gamez: Star Ocean: First Departure Review

Ace Gamez writes: "When most people think of the RPG juggernaut that is Square-Enix, the first franchise that springs to mind will be Final Fantasy - but look a bit deeper into their library and sometimes a bit further back in time, and eventually you'll find the other franchises that make the company the leader in the RPG race. Star Ocean is one of these series, never achieving worldwide popularity but always proving to be an interesting and innovative series; Final Fantasy would eventually adopt many of the traits present in Star Ocean. The third game in the series, Till the End of Time, was the first to really make an impact over here, partially due to the lack of a European release for the original, the SNES RPG Star Ocean. This is finally being changed by the PSP re-release of the game in the form of Star Ocean: First Departure, but is it worth the trip a full twelve years after the original? "

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