Splinter Cell creative director to re-join Ubisoft

Maxime Beland had spent 8 months at Epic Games.

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sonicsidewinder36d ago

The Guy who made old Sam Fisher "Like a Predator. Like a Panther!!"

Interinactive_36d ago

That's the one.

The moron who is quoted as saying:

"stealth is punitive, stealth is slow. It was funny, because when you watch the movies they’re not that. James Bond and Jason Bourne run fast, they don’t make noise, they kill one, two, three or four guys super quickly and silently with a sound suppressor, so it’s a lot more dynamic. So we needed to do something with that."

Imagine getting to work on a Splinter Cell game, and that being your approach. No wonder the series went downhill.

RaidenBlack36d ago

Well, Sam Fisher's temporary retirement just ended.

ArmyVetGamer36d ago

They need to just stop messing with my heart and give me a new Splinter Cell already 🤦‍♂️

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