A Sneak Peak Of Some Gran Turismo 5 Cars

Check out some of the upcoming new additions to Gran Turismo 5, including the new Merc C63 AMG and Maserati Spyder.

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sonarus3623d ago

I hope the picture taking of the trunk and the bonnet open have something to do with damage

Speed-Racer3623d ago

Hmmm good point there... :)

Hope negotiations go well with Ferrari and Porsche.

Cwalat3623d ago

yeah hope so too...
:D every single letter of news about GT5 gives me the creeps.. :D

it's getting close :D

wonder how the weather effects will be. :P

sinncross3622d ago

I don't think it has to do with damage per se, though it could be part of the reason.
Can't you look at the insides of the cars in GT?
Though its possible damage would be part of the factor here.

I'm mostly intrigued by the weather... i wud love to see rain affect the roads after while and becoming slippery... that would add tons of depth to a game that is virtually car depth personified.

Rock Bottom3622d ago

You can't look in the trunk.

PimpHandHappy3622d ago

if cars 150,000 and up didnt recieve damage but cars under do...

Like that super car you want drive wont get smashed but when your Honda Civic with 400HP hits a wall it gets a little dent and scratch. Hit the wall twice and its the same but the car will drive poorly! I dont need Burnout style stuff but i would like to see if ppl ran a clean race just by the look of there car

No FanS Land3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

Gran Turismo! When will it finally come out?

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The story is too old to be commented.