Nvidia RTX 3080, RTX 3070 Specifications Leaked

GA103: 60 SM arrays, 3480 stream processors, 320-bit video memory, 10 / 20GB GDDR6 video memory capacity.

GA104: 48 sets of SM arrays, 3072 stream processors, 256-bit video memory, 8 / 16GB GDDR6 video memory capacity.

Both new cores will be 7nm processes , but the foundry is unknown, and given the close specifications of the two, it is not ruled out that TSMC and Samsung can be manufactured separately. After all, TSMC's 7nm production capacity is already tight, and NVIDIA and Samsung have a good relationship.

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ABizzel11342d ago


Well, that's not really what I was expecting unless clocks speeds jump up closer to 2.0 GHz on these GPU, or they somehow improve core per core performance around 20% over the RTX 2000 series.

If the core performance doesn't increase, but clock speeds do, then we're looking at the RTX 3080 being slightly better than the 2080 Super, but at 1.9 GHZ which is much more likely a bit better than the 2080 Ti.

The 3070 with the same 1.7 GHz and 1.9 GHz ranges between being on par with the base 2080 to being just above the 2080 super in performance.

Most increase unless it's better core performance.

nismo3701342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

"When compared with the previous generations, the all-new RTX seems to offer significant improvements if the leak is to be believed. The SM count and memory capacity has been greatly improved."

iQuasar1342d ago

Might want to do a tiny bit of research before opening your maw and oppose a viewpoint. Taking a rumor article and their hype mongering as gospel is just stupid.

In context, you have a 2080 Ti running 4352 CUDA cores
This rumored 3080 is going to run 3480 CUDA cores.
Envelope math says you either have to boost the speed by 20% OR per-core efficiency by 20% to make up for the deficit. That is just to break even with the current market. To get a generational minimum jump of 20% over that boost you are going to need to sacrifice something. My guess, power efficiency in order to boost BOTH speed and per-core efficiency.

Tell me how the Radeon vii did with 16GB of memory and a crappy GPU design?
More memory does not mean jack unless paired with a GPU that is hungry for it.

nismo3701342d ago

iQuasar, you just a desperate AMD fanboy.

ABizzel11342d ago


As @iQuasar said, yes it a big core increase when directly compared to the original 2080 and 2070, however, the rumored 3070 shares the same core count as the 2080 Super (2080S runs at 1.8 GHz), and the rumored 3080 has less CUs than the 2080 Ti (2080 ti runs at 1.55 GHz).

Once again means if the per-core performance isn't boosted by moving 12nm to 7nm, and the major gains are from 100 MHz - 200 MHz clock speed increases, then the 3000 series will perform similar to stair-stepping up from the 2000 series which isn't a bad thing, but not the jump I nor most people were hoping for. Again the big change will have to come from per-core performance boost which it should have moving to the new architecture, but I doubt 20% performance gains and closer to around 10% considering NVIDIA never struggled here to begin with.

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Born2Game831342d ago

I hope the price is reasonable. $400-$500 for rtx 3080 and $300-$400 for rtx 3070.

MadLad1342d ago

Find that realistic, but the $399/ 499 high end for each.

Sophisticated_Chap1342d ago

Nvidia won't cut their prices that much. A current RTX 2080 Super goes for around $700.00 USD, give or take.

Unspoken1342d ago

Maybe until big Navi. nVidia's lock on the market is driving these prices sky high.

ssmilloy361342d ago

the 1080s were reasonably priced per performance gain. glad i jumped then

Energie1342d ago

As much as I would love this, its never going to happen. Expect prices to be similar to what they are now. Maybe the 2080 and 2070 will go down to those prices once the 3000 series launch.

ABizzel11342d ago

$400 for the 3070 is possible, doubt the 3080 will be anything less than $700.

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traumadisaster1342d ago

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FlyingFoxy1342d ago

Much better ray tracing as well as standard graphics performance, hoping the 3070 is a nice 1440p performer.