Dixie Kong Isn’t In Smash Yet (And That’s A Crime)

The best Kong of all is missing from the ultimate Nintendo mash up. When will Dixie get her time to shine?

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FallenAngel198437d ago

The bigger crime is that Dixie Kong & King K Rool aren’t featured in any Mario spinoffs lately

You’ll see basic enemy types becoming playable but not any of the DK characters outside of the main two

PhoenixUp37d ago

“For many fans, another Nintendo character would be a disappointment.”

Who’s seriously be disappointed if another Nintendo was added to the roster as DLC? Plenty of people’s wishes have been for certain first party characters.

Just because the Nintendo characters thus far that have been added as newcomers via DLC(that being Corrin, Piranha Plant & Byleth) upset some when they were announced doesn’t mean the very idea of a new Nintendo character being added as DLC is not what fans are looking for.

Tross35d ago

I think people are just sick of the roster being filled with more and more Fire Emblem characters. I get that it's a series with new main characters every time, but I for one like variety. By comparison, there are only, what, three DK characters in the game? What's one more? Besides, if Princess Peach hip-checking opponents to death can be a thing, then Dixie's hair attacks wouldn't be all that ridiculous. If Shantae were to get in too, an interesting hair battle could ensue.

-Foxtrot36d ago

Queen Bean

Hopefully some of them will be added as fighters

BlackIceJoe36d ago

Seeing Dixie in Super Smash Bros. would be cool, but I personally want to see Mike Jones from StarTropics more. I really wish Nintendo would make a new game in the series. I know it has almost been 30 years since the last game, but even Kid Icarus got to have a new game thirty years later, so why StarTropics too?

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