Hearthstone Is Now The Most Expensive It’s Ever Been

With 3 full expansions per year and now a paid adventure, Hearthstone is officially the most expensive it's ever been.

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Deathdeliverer36d ago

After supporting the game from beta, I simply couldn’t do it anymore been out the hearthstone game for a few years.

Playwrite36d ago

Blizz has lost its way with HS. Time for Hearthstone Classic to come out.

King_Noctis36d ago

I’ve been playing it everyday, especially with the new Battleground mode. However, I also think that the game is getting super expensive to keep up. Each new expansion pack give you less rewards/cards than the classic ones and the card packs now seem to produce less Epic/Legendary cards.

I hope Blizzard will fix this someday.

Takwin36d ago

It is too expensive. Played since beta. Three expansions a year where you really need to spend about $50 each, and now they go back to selling $20 adventures.

chobit_A5HL3Y36d ago

they better be careful. the league of legends card game is coming out soon and it could very well overtake hs if it’s good.

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