Ubisoft files lawsuit against Rainbow Six Siege DDoS attackers

Multiple people from around the world are named in the lawsuit

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sourOG28d ago

People around the world could not care less about a California court. Countries aren’t keen on extraditing their folks regardless of the crimes.

TheDragonSlayer28d ago

Cali is the center of the world, maybe if other counties don't cooperate we'll sanction them instead. If that's not enough, maybe send some military jets over and let them do their thing.

You think you can mess with us? You got another thing coming, we can bully the hell out of any country so you better fall in line. Theyre gonna cough up these DDOS-ers if they want to avoid ruin.

sourOG28d ago

California doesn’t care. They’re too busy decriminalizing petty theft and sending their productive citizens to Texas. Seriously though. This is just posturing, an expensive waste of time.

kernel28d ago

Cali is where most american media is, but they are just full of crap. Don’t believe, go visit Hollywood.

Surt28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

"center of world" Largest homeless center you mean. America has sense enough not too ever let Cali or NY be the sole ones calling the narrative or setting the direction.

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shloobian28d ago

I think you'd be surprised.

Psychotica28d ago

I don't think a company filing a lawsuit is trying to extradite someone, a government pursuing criminal charges are the ones that seek extraditions. Ubisoft wants the site shutdown and probably wants financial compensation.

sourOG27d ago

They want a foreign site shut down on criminal notions. They want financial compensation from people that don’t live in the US. What are they going to do, file a lawsuit and wait for them to show up? They are openly mocking them on Twitter because they can’t do anything. Unless the foreign government agrees to the terms but they don’t 99% of the time on stuff faaaar more substantial than this stuff.

CaptainCook28d ago

I usually DDOS those Squeakers in my Party. They got what they deserved lol

KillBill27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

A lot of people replying that know very little about international enforcement of judgement. It all really depends on the country in which the person passed judgement resides and the local government there. They will examine the evidence and act accordingly. As in most of these case it appears people have already been identified and/or apprehended in the situations and the likely scenario of them getting off scot free from any repercussions is slim.

And in this particular instance it looks now like they are going directly to the company that is handling the DDOSing requests. Which is even more likely to have a positive judgement against them internationally to where providers can eventually face actions up the chain for allowing their service to continue.

LiquorNipples27d ago

In the end the shit will still continue just like cheaters