Bit-Tech: Call of Duty: World at War review

Joe Martin writes:

"This is a game that'll appeal to teenage fanboys a lot too – that's what the quote-unquote adult material is there for, right? That's why there's a zombie Nazi mode too. These aren't bad things and we don't hate them, we just can't bring ourselves to love them either and World at War certainly isn't going to hold our attention enough to get a second playthrough. There are far better games on the horizon, some of which also have zombies, and Treyarch has left us only with the feeling that we've seen this done a hundred times before – and done better."

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Slinger4203625d ago

This review sounds like it was written by a COD4 fanboy. Get a life and enjoy great games you tool.

jtickner13623d ago

As if, Bit-Tech reviews are some of the best out there.