PS5 Boot Screen Concept Perfectly Balances Nostalgia and Next Gen

PlayStation should take note — this concept PS5 boot screen is the perfect marriage of nostalgia and next gen, with PS1 influence.

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TheGamez10029d ago

Man Id love it if that brought back the colored ps logo.

Muzikguy28d ago

I really liked those days. Along with being able to play the soundtrack from games too. And an actual visualizer! I'm amazed we haven't had any visualizers since.


ps3 had visualizers. only a few though

Muzikguy28d ago


You're right. It had 2 or so but they were so lame I forget about them. I don't understand why we haven't seen visualizer plugins like a PC has. I've been waiting for that. If they had stuff like that I might actually be more inclined to use music apps

Dovergamer28d ago

It was witty and nostalgic at the same time. The PS original logo should be on the PS5 boot screen. There are other similar clever designs out there using the PS 1 music and boot screen in combination of the PS4 boot screen.

locomorales28d ago

What is nostalgic today was new yesterday. If we get attached only in the past, we will have nothing to remember in a few years.

May the PS5 boot be more striking than the PS4 boot, but that it be something new.

BrainSyphoned27d ago

What year is Vivi from? I forget because I am too attached to the past.

JokerBoy42228d ago

What's sad is the realization the actual boot up wont be anything like this. Please Sony, prove me wrong!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.