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Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore gains a second life with its arrival on the Nintendo Switch. Through dozens of hours of gameplay, you’ll explore the Idol industry in a way that’s wacky, colourful and charming. Being on a newer console includes bringing quality of life changes to the experience, with better load times being an improvement. If you’re curious about whether or not Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore is a game for you, it likely is.

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Segata28d ago

It has fun characters and music. I can get past the Idol stuff. Battle system is still great 4 years later. Also has been fun playing this game as Joker from Persona 5. And yes I have played P5 on PS4. Bought the CE. Finished it. Loved it.

King_Noctis28d ago

The idol stuff is a bit lame to be honest. Beside that, I love the music and the battle system as well.

If there is ever a Tokyo Mirage Session 2, I hope they make the story a little bit darker.

feenix-527d ago

Missed opportunity not adding english voices

Zeldafan6427d ago

Yeah but there's a lot of singing so that makes it harder to have an english dub.