Fortnite’s Dance Contest Challenges Players To Create Dance Emotes On TikTok

Epic Games has collaborated with popular music video app TikTok to host a dance competition where Fortnite players get a chance to have their dance moves turned into an emote in the game.

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ilikestuff33d ago

Dumb to me as a 30ish year old but those dang kids are loving this stuff with their boom box radios and sugar candies.

Welshy33d ago

Lmao, I get that kids clearly love it, and on some level it's cool they can have influence over their favourite game, but it doesn't change the fact it's going to be a cringe fest.

ilikestuff33d ago

No doubt welshy, it’s going to be a mess, but when ur young u can get away with doing dumb stuff, so have some fun with it

CristinAlex1833d ago

What do you mean “sell your info”? TikTok isn’t even owned by Facebook.

Skate-AK33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Nope, China owns them though. TikToc and Epic.

bluefox75533d ago (Edited 33d ago )

I saw yesterday that Tik-Tok has become the second most downloaded app, overtaking facebook. Here I thought it was just a passing, vine-like fad. This is probably pretty smart from a marketing standpoint. Fortnite and Tiktok seem to be a cultural gen Zexit, probably not a good thing.

CristinAlex1833d ago

TikTok is a successor to Vine in that you can record videos for more than six seconds.

ShinnokDrako33d ago

I'm on TikTok. I hated social things since always, a workmate told me to check a video on it, i downloaded it and now... i keep making videos and became a drug :P I saw the challenge but i'm not interested at all on that.

Oh, and i'm 38! :D @Luke_dreamwalker

TheRealTedCruz33d ago

The cringe that this is going to create will be legendary.

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