Make Me a Quake as Fast as You Can

Quake may not be a dead franchise, but the single-player element hasn't been revisited for almost 15 years. Maybe it's time?

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TheRealTedCruz33d ago

As a big fan of those twitchy 90s shooters, I never found the single player to Quake all that great. Quake 3 arena though ... memories.

lnfiniteLoop32d ago

agree Quake 3 Arena brilliant even when filled with just bots, it was Brilliant... same goes for Unreal Tournament... both brilliant!!!

TheRealTedCruz32d ago

It's funny. I used to play a lot of said twitch shooters back on PC in the day. Never Unreal Tournament though. That was until the 360 days. Got Unreal Tournament 3 on 360 but didn't have internet. Spent countless hours playing bots on godlike. Started getting really good. So good that, once I actually started getting online, I was basically annihilating the competition almost every match.

Ah. Good times. Back on PC gaming, so I have a lot of these games again, but the player base is typically small for arena shooters anymore, sadly.

RaidenBlack32d ago

idTech should make a new Quake in similar style to the new Doom(s).

Smellsforfree32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Why? As a huge Quake fan back in the day, what can Quake bring to the massively crowded FPS space? Quake has never has much consistency in theme. What made Quake great back in the 90s was it represented the "bleeding edge" of FPS in terms of graphics and gameplay back when the market was new and small.

Doom had a unique theme and setting that has been consistent and to me it made more sense to bring that back. People knew what to expect. With a new Quake -- What is a new Quake game even about, exactly? Are we going to be fighting Stroggos again as in 2 and 4 (just like pick-any alien space shooter game that exists today) - is it going to be a Lovecraft-esque game like Quake 1, or be a random storyless multiplayer arena game like all the other Quakes out there? The game series has always been about showing off technology, and I'm skeptical that id can bring something to the table worth showing off.

RaidenBlack32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

The lovecraftian Quake Reboot is what I am hoping for. Not the generic Strogg storyline.

Smellsforfree32d ago

@RaidenBlack - Yeah, I'd like to see that too, but I fear if there is another one they will go with another generic Strogg space aliens story.

RaidenBlack32d ago

You meant to say Quake 1 and II identity crisis all over again? XD

Reibooi32d ago

I think a reboot for the single player portion of Quake would be quite interesting. The original game has a good bit of atmosphere and the idea of Cthulu like things happening was a interesting idea. I think it could be really cool to take the ideas the original game had and kind of run with them. Treat it not like a remake but more of a completely new vision based on those older ideas. While I like 2 and 4 I always found the move to a more space marine style of story pretty blah. Yes the original was a mess in alot of ways but I think there are enough interesting elements that a modern reboot could work.

LightofDarkness32d ago

I agree, I'd love to see levels designed like maddening funhouses where the laws of physics break down regularly.

I enjoy Quake 2 as well, but it was originally its own IP, until just before it was announced, as they feared it would need brand recognition to succeed. That's why they're so vastly different.

WireMucks32d ago

Agreed Q1 ozzes with atmosphere

Smellsforfree32d ago

I tend to agree. It is really the only theme worth re-visiting as it may be the only "unique" thing left in the Quake series. Two was good for its time because Quake was just about showing off the technology. Any themed setting was just a vehicle to show off the technology, hence why the series has always felt so aimless in terms of a story.

I frankly don't see a point in revising Quake as it was what it was for its time, and today would likely just be another FPS where you shoot at aliens. The only theme worth revisiting was the original Quake 1 setting but I'm not sure id can pull it off today.

AK9132d ago

Would love if John Romero made a spiritual successor using the Quake 1 engine.