NHS chief says loot boxes are "setting kids up for addiction" to gambling

The NHS' mental health boss has said loot boxes are "setting kids up for addiction by teaching them to gamble".

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TheRealTedCruz30d ago

And helping to ruin gaming in general.

Smitty202029d ago (Edited 29d ago )

1000% needs to change I would rather pay abit extra for a full game not these half finished games n have to go through a pay wall also

RpgSama29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

I don't, I think they make enough money as is, a sports game is basically the same game every year with a roster change and maybe an updated UI, so development costs should be not that high but they want to make billions upon billions in profit, for every single game, every single year by wiping the slate clean on MT's, on top of the billions they already make by you buying it full price, games yes are more expensive to make now, but at the same time there is a much bigger market with much, much bigger sales volume

29d ago
Smitty202029d ago

Simple take the card details away from the console

Welshy29d ago

Sure, that definitely changes the psychological manipulation these games use /s

Parents play a role in this, but it's a role they wouldn't even have to fill if companies weren't normalising gambling mechanics early in childrens/young adults brains to make them more receptive to it in the long term.

I didn't grow up with all this BS in my games, so I smell a rat 1,000 miles away when I see it, but if my brain was being wired from an age when I didn't know any better I wouldn't say anything and would just lap it all up.

It's akin to when movie theaters would put subliminal advertising in their screenings, its manipulation and it shouldn't be tolerated.

Atomicjuicer29d ago

€200 limit per game. Anything else illegal. Problem solved.

milohighclub29d ago

Cant tell if you're been sarcastic or just dumb.

sourOG29d ago

Only because the education system is setting them up for failure.


They deserve it for voting tory

mixelon29d ago

We didn’t all vote Tory. 😬

CaptainCook29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Not really. Voting for Labour will open up the flood Gates for increased Immigrants, Refugees etc.. from the EU. Look at Birmingham for instance... Hardly anyone speaks English lol

I've voted for The Conservatives. The Labour Party was all about their magic money tree; Freebies, borrowing and buying to nationalised Broadband, Water, Gas etc...

mixelon29d ago

Haha, captain cook.

Birmingham is overwhelmingly English speaking, when did you last visit?

CaptainCook29d ago


I went to visit my cousin last month in Birmingham, it looked like another foreign country I was visiting.

milohighclub29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Captain cook. Ur full of shit and have been brainwashed into spouting the same nonsense the tories have been spouting. You know it's all lies started by racists, dont you? You dont care, clearly from your comments you're also racist.

Side note, You're actually thick mate. You've voted for an increase in homelessness, an increase in child poverty, for the nhs to be sold off.
You voted to make the lives of millions of struggling people worse.

No magic money tree when labour want to help people but there happened to be one for tories Christmas pay rises.

Labour wasnt about borrowing at all you nonce, all labour was gonna do was tax the tories mates companies who are currently operating tax free in the uk whilst raking in billions from our economy and sending it to foreign countries. That would have paid for everything this country needs.

Whilst you voted for damage to the British economy, damage to lives of british children, increase in british soldiers on the streets you were voting whilst preaching britain first, wasnt you?

Any of our american friends able to tell us how much cancer treatment is a year? Then turn to Cook and call him a dumb cunt.... actually nevermind cos the majority of doctors in the uk are foreign and have actually stopped coming and taking their skills elsewere. 5/10yrs down the line we'll be lucky to have any fucking doctors left. I mean unless you wanna be treat by ketty meg who's been on a bender all weekend and can barely see straight.

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masterfox29d ago

and their parents sucks for letting them getting that addiction.

The Wood29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

I get your point but wish it was that simple. You kinda assume everyone who has an addiction didn't have parents who tried or even knew.

masterfox29d ago

uhmm not assuming everyone , but a high percentage of bad parenting and spoiling your child and letting them be just because parents they don't think need guidance and let them be what they want to be cause an idiotic "modern ideology" is causing todays kids go nuts, todays parents forget that kids are like a sponges and they can absorve literally everything in a very a high rate, and these kids since are kids they don't know what's wrong or right to a certain degree, seriously is just common sense, a kid alone can't afford for an electronic gadget or gaming console so how in hell it can play games ?, or games with loot boxes?. Todays society, people, parents need to add extra layers of responsibility for their acts, doing something in the 60's for example doesn't have the same consequences of doing something in todays era and this because the access to information is literally accessible to everyone.

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