Top 5 Indie Games of 2019

The PlayStation Brahs:

“2019 is behind us and it’s time to look ahead towards the future. This time of year is all about those wishes, wants and needs. Let’s be honest, those needs fall under the wishes and wants. I don’t have any wants left at the moment but I have at least one wish left in me and that’s for everyone to experience some of the best Indie titles of 2019.”

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Felix_Argyle_Catbro1637d ago

For me it's Observation and Outer Wilds.

PlayStationBrah1637d ago

What’s the gameplay all about in Outer Wilds?

1636d ago

5 Years Later, A Plague Tale: Innocence's Pandemic Remains Impactful

A Plague Tale: Innocence's version of the real-life medieval pandemic is still one of the most intense and perhaps resonant ever seen in gaming.

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Relientk7759d ago

Amazing game from top to bottom. The characters, story, rats, atmosphere, just so many things in this game they nailed.


A Plague Tale: Innocence Is Free on Epic Games Store as You Can Get the Sequel on PlayStation Plus

Asobo Studio's A Plague Tale: Innocence is today's free game on the Epic Games Store, so you have 24 hours to grab it before it's replaced.

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191d ago

Top 10 Moments In Games When The Music Went Insanely Hard

From the soul-driven music of RDR2 to the intense rock of Metal Gear: Rising, here are some of the hardest musical moments in gaming.

neutralgamer1992430d ago

The last of us had few scenes (original not the sequel)
Both RDR games
Many moments in MGS series

TheEnigma313430d ago

This isn't really a good selection.

Santouryuu430d ago

What about the scene Snake meets BigBoss at the end of MGS4?

on_line_forever430d ago

Metal gear solid 1 when you take the elevator and Naomi call you and talk about gray fox

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