AMD Reaffirms 'Big Navi' Enthusiast Radeon RX Graphics Cards In 2020

AMD has reaffirmed their previous statements that we will get to see the 'Big Navi' GPU based enthusiast Radeon RX graphics cards in 2020.

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29d ago Replies(2)
1-pwnsause-129d ago

lets see what happens, waiting on the announcement before i go on and about on buying a GPU.

RazzerRedux27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Love the competition. Look forward to seeing what AMD has to offer. PC gaming never stops advancing.

FlyingFoxy27d ago

I'll be going Nvidia 3070 if it's as powerful as the 2080Ti.

MWH27d ago

Give it them AMD 🥊💥

traumadisaster27d ago

Yeah! Give it them by matching tech that came out 2 years ago!

But seriously I do want competition to drive down prices, I’m just afraid AMD is trying to collude with Nvidia to keep prices high for both.

MWH27d ago

That's my point and nothing else.
I'm not in favor of any of them all i want is healthy competition that forces down the crazy nvidia price tags.

Hopefully intel will enter the arena soon and help toward this.

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