TeamXbox: 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand Preview

TeamXbox writes: "
When the Activision and Sierra mega-merger happened this summer, very few games escaped the contraction blood bath. Well, very few Sierra games that is, because in reality this wasn't a merge but an absorption, the complete devouring of one long-running game publisher by another. Of the games that were cut loose, a few really stood out as ones that really deserved to find a new home. Ghostbusters was an obvious choice, and Atari made a great move grabbing that one. Tim Schafer's Brutal Legend doesn't have a publisher yet, but we're keeping our fingers crossed for that one.

So like everyone, we breathed a huge sigh of relief when THQ announced that they were picking up the 50 Cent game from the dust pile of lost games. Our lives would not be complete without getting to strap on the Kevlar one more time with Fiddy and the G-unit crew, slaying haters, flashing the bling, flexing the guns and acting like a true P.I.M.P. Don't know what you heard about me."

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