Xbox One Update Allows You To Manage Your Collection More Efficiently

A new update that is just arriving for some Insider Program members shows off some new ideas that Microsoft is implementing.

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Bronxs1534d ago

I like Xbox. But it’s crazy they can’t get a functioning, easy to use UI that works and they can stick with.

ArmyVetGamer34d ago (Edited 34d ago )


This ui has seen more updates than an iphone

Unspoken34d ago

Why would you want a stagnant design as everything else around you evolves? It's like the old man yelling at the kids to get off his lawn while he abhors any change.

TK-6634d ago (Edited 34d ago )

I literally have no idea as to what makes the UI not "functioning" or "easy to use".

No UI is perfect and constant improvements can always be made. Nintendo doesnt even put half as much effort into the UI as MS does and it shows in how basic features that were requested at launch still arent implemented.

Bronxs1533d ago

Well it’s over complicated. Like when mixer was one of the main pages tabs, why. I didn’t ask for that. They focus on what they want. It’s main focus is to promote their services. Not to mention because of all the changes it’s gets buggy. Just yesterday I tried opening the rewards app and it won’t load.

Why don’t they just have tabs at the top when you turn on the system like Games, Apps , friends or something.

I’m not dumb. I know how to use it. But it hat doesn’t mean I can’t acknowledge that things are buried deeper than they need to be. Truth is if give someone who’s never used a video game system like my mother both a Xbox and PS4 and ask them to find a game or launch an app or change a video setting they’ll probably find it easier on PS4 UI because things are more intuitive and less buried.

Atom66634d ago

It's always been functional and easy enough to figure out, I just think that memory limitations will continue to make their UI a slow and frustrating experience unless they simplify.

I appreciate the ambition, but maybe just wait for next gen on some of this stuff.

Concertoine34d ago

What’s annoying is just when i have it figured all out, an update comes and changes enough stuff around to piss me off.

mandingo34d ago

Lol how slow are you. The changes they make are easy to understand after a few days

Kumakai34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

The ui is actually pretty good. Very customizable. Not everything is perfect but if someone thinks the Xbox ui is hard to use, they need an iq test.

Iceball200034d ago

I think the best UI out there is the PS3. But that’s my opinion.

CaptainCook34d ago

You probably need to see a doctor if you think the Xbox UI is difficult to use.

ArmyVetGamer34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Or try a playstation...

Coming from playstation 4 to xb1 5 years down the road... the ui is a disaster. Maybe if youve had xb1 from day one youre used to it but to act like its great or better when comparing it the the xmb... is idiotic at best

Stanjara34d ago

They can, but they won't. They need to implement all that marketing crap so that you always see more a want more to buy.

343_Guilty_Spark34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

It's crazy you think it's not easy to use because it very simple.

Profchaos34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

They have always struggled with UI the 360 launched with a great UI "blades" but with windows 8 releasing someone decided it was time to revamp all Microsoft products to use the box style so we got a box type interface they have been refining ever since with a few major overhauls itself but ultimately it's a ton of boxes on screen and it's a cluttered mess.

Nowadays when I fire up my X1 I always feel that initial screen is pointless as my first stop is always my games why not start there why hide games when people primarily turn the console on for games.

But my biggest hatred ever since the days of the 360 ms have been using their interface to push ads every single time you power it on compare that to switch or ps4 no ads at all

KillBill34d ago

I know right.... why can't they just give us a dull unintuitive UI like what PlayStation uses and be done with it. Why do they need to keep trying to make it better for their users? lol

Shuckylad34d ago

They peaked with the blades on 360

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MagUk34d ago

Personally I like the updates keeps the console feeling fresh, the current UI seems basic and fast on the X.

Lore34d ago

The xbox UI is the one major feature I’ve always preferred over PS3 & 4. Intuitive, innovative and has great depth. It’s the only area I feel Sony needs to improve on moving forward.

monkey60234d ago

I would seriously hate the PS4 to adopt the Xbox UI.
I can't stand the cluttered look from it and sub menu after sub menu just to get to something simple. The whole thing is an eye sore. I would much rather just have a limited amount of icons for friends/settings/games folder

ArmyVetGamer34d ago (Edited 34d ago )


Said noone that had a ps4 first ever lol.

The ps4 ui is the same as it was in 2013... with minor tweeks here and there. Its sleek, simple, and super user friendly. You xbox guys and gals can say this or that is better on xbox but if you say the xb1 ui is better youre flat out (fill in the blank).


I fully agree, the xbox just needs to bend the knee and accept the ps4 ui is the best... noone would bat an eye if the xb1 ui was like it but... microsofted lol

rainslacker34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

I find the simplicity of sonys ui more intuitive. All I do is play games and check out trophies though. Ps4 was a bit much before they implemented folders because you could have a lot of stuff to scroll through. Xbox ui is fine for me most of the time though. Again because all I do is play games and check out achievements, both of which are pretty easy on the system.

All that other stuff is just there, but I never use it. If by chance I do, I dont have any problem finding stuff on either system

UnholyLight34d ago

@ArmyVetGamer hate to burst your bubble but even my long time loyal Sony or Die buddy thinks they need to get with the times and update their ancient UI. I like it in some ways...I LOVE LOVE LOVED the custom theme things like with the BF 1 preorder where it gave you these cool alternate logos for the different menu options and the cover characters cape moving and the unique music....However I think I have always just preferred Microsoft's way of doing things; constant change and revamping. To me I get the feeling that they actually care and want to continuously change or improve things, while taking in feedback from the user base. Sony's method is much more just like; here you go now deal with it and learn how the menu works cus we aren't doing anything to it.

Lore34d ago


Be wary as you may come off to some as ignorant. Not only has playstation been my primary and preferred console since PS2, but I didn’t get an xboxone until late 2017. It’s my personal opinion as I appreciate the way Microsoft has handled their interface, which is the only thing they’ve handled well since entering the console space in my opinion. Scalebound was the first reason I was ever given to own an xbox.

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drpepperdude34d ago

I like updates but none of them seem to ever do any of the changes needed to make the UI good.

Firebird36034d ago

My biggest gripe with xbox interface is adds. Theres no reason we shouldn't be able to disable adds on the homescreen.

KillBill34d ago

The number of PlayStation users that are in here talking on how bad this is for Xbox is simply amazing. lol

And then most all of them acting as if PS UI hasn't been non-stop lambasted for its failed implementation on both PS3 and PS4 by its own user base.