Can real-time strategy come back from the brink of death?

There's never been a better time to be obsessed with strategy games on PC, unless you have the misfortune to carry a torch for real-time strategy. We're spoiled with all these brilliant turn-based tactics, 4X and grand strategy diversions, but try to find a notable new RTS and you're going to have a much harder time. What the heck happened, and can we ever go back to the glory days?

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Unspoken33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

MOBA's have taken over the space and pubs\devs want to make money. I'm not sure we'll see a return to classic RTS popularized anytime soon.

Now I did just pick up Brass Tactics on Oculus and playing an RTS in VR was extremely satisfying and scratched that old school RTS itch. Literally seeing your opponent across the battlefield upped the engagement level.

indysurfn32d ago

There is room for a full price pay once game. Herzog Zwei needs a sequel!

xX1NORM1Xx33d ago

I don't think a genre is close to dead because there isn't a huge game, look at hero shooters Overwatch came along and everyone just gave up and now we have like 3 regularly updated hero shooters left and i don't see any coming in future...
I'm seeing more strategy games released on console than ever i'm not a fan of the genre so these could all just be years old ports that are only just making it to console and i could be completely wrong.

KyRo33d ago

Exactly. No genre in gaming, music or films truly die. You might not get the biggest developers making strategy games anymore as they're all to busy making cliché games, forcing open worlds onto everyone but there will always be smaller Devs making them. Much like how horror was kept alive by the indie Devs before it became cool to make them again.

NecrumOddBoy33d ago

Well Disco is dead as far as I know.

KyRo33d ago

Disco is is very much alive. Listen to a few sets from Skream, find tracklists and you'll find plenty of new bits about. Soul, Garage, Grime, Breakbeat, Funky House, Dubstep (not the noise these EDM producers make, Dubstep which actually has dub elements like the good days) are still alive too. Your never believe it by listening to generic Spotify playlists and radio though.

Michiel198933d ago

well its not really a fair comparison, fps has seen much more games and enjoyed much more popularity the last few years (even before OW) compared to RTS.
I doubt RTS will ever truly die, I've been waiting for years now on Warcraft 4 an Battle for Middle Earth 3 (i know the latter will never happen, but a man can dream)

bluefox75533d ago

Until they can find a way to make them viable on consoles, I doubt they'll ever see the success they used to have, unfortunately.

CorndogBurglar33d ago

Halo Wars did this very well. I don't see any reason why other studios couldn't expand on that formula.

The problem isn't that RTS' aren't viable on consoles. It's that publishers and developers don't think they are money makers. Because it's been shown that they CAN work on consoles.

specialguest33d ago

RTS games didn't work on consoles back then, mainly due to the lack of k/m support(mainly the mouse). RTS games are very point and click heavy, and it's crucial to quickly select your troops, buildings, or commands. The thumbstick was simply too slow. I'm not sure how it worked out for the Halo RTS game, but I remember C&C wasn't that good on PS

kneon33d ago

The touchpad on the DS4 could work for this use, but then it would need to be a PS4 exclusive.

shaggy230333d ago

Four letters to get around all the control problems with RTS on consoles.


coolastheycome33d ago

They need more of these on consoles.

ArmyVetGamer33d ago

I hope so too! Command & Conquer Red Alert was my shit back in the og xbox/360 days

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The story is too old to be commented.