Hideo Kojima will be at GDC 2020

It has been announced that the most respected auteur in the industry, Hideo Kojima, will be giving a presentation at GDC 2020.

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Spurg31d ago

"the most admired leader in the industry will be present."

He is beyond overrated

ssj2731d ago (Edited 31d ago )

I agree he isn't the best but definitely very admired and he does bring different things to the gaming experience making his fans very passionate. And that's something important. Mgs4 and msg5 are the ones i play from him and they were really good games.

Games do need people like him otherwise everything will be COD copies.

But there are now days better developers than kojima but he is barely starting a new phase lets give him a chance.

Days gone devs for example its very amazing a AAA( they miss the ps3 era with no AAA game and them surprise us) i am playing it hardcore mode for the first time and for some reason i tough it was going to be boring and childish but i was wrong the game is very intense. Addictive and mature and there is still two harder modes over the one i am playing. If you like open worlds get it if you like walking death must get it. If you like games like reddead redemption must get it.

Also the creator's of Souls universe are for me best devs this last 10 years they brought a new genre a very fun cool addictive formula and gameplay hence lots are copying them and it's a good thing to be influenced by fromsofware. They just need to improve presentation of their history in their games like days gone or gow does a amazing job on this while on gameplay no need for cgi but i wouldn't mind cgi here and there like kojima does and even then his history is kind of confusing hence i think why he needs to do logs of cgi to keep us on pace . Maybe kojima needs to introduce more history on his gameplay to be easier to follow him. Not saying remove the cgi if he want to keep it i dont mind taking a break from playing and watching. Here and there.

GG always had best gameplay on games and Horizon nail it and now they level up they history telling and more. They were very underrated because if a dev nails gameplay and makes the game fun it's what meter the most hence fromsofware are so amazing.

Also soon Who deserves to be on there talkind is fromsofware. And second place ico/shadowofcolosus creator i hear rumors they next big game (hopefully is more accion based like shadowofcolosus, last game was nice experience but not to colosus levelsin term of accion) will be revealed in few days on the ps5 presentation (this guys coul benefit from this gen huge time they are always ahead of time and pushing the limits) wow i can wait more exited about that and new ips from santa monica naughty dogs Guerrilla Games is probably making a new Socom .. socom fan playstation fans have been craving for a good socom for over 10 years sony are jerks not giving it to us. And not respecting the IP as it deserves. But now it appears it will get best treatment ever by GG will see..

Larrysweet31d ago

All opinions I think from software sucks and ruined games where everyone wants to clone the bs

Kingthrash36031d ago (Edited 31d ago )

How? While everyone else copies whatever's most popular he is one of the few that takes chances....and is successful at it.

Not saying all that he has done has been perfect...but he earned his reputation with what he brings to gaming.

The man's free demo of a cancelled game has revived the horror genre

BehindTheRows31d ago

I wouldn't say P.T. revived the horror genre, rather, made others take chances they may not have previous.

OT: That's great news!

DaDrunkenJester31d ago

No, what he did was make others cash grab on a tech demo that just recycled a freaking hallway. Now we have dozens of cheap games trying to copy it.

InUrFoxHole31d ago

Kojima is like a wet napkin.

Kubark31d ago

He's had his hits and misses. I didn't play Death Stranding and I'm not inclined to but Metal Gear Solid 3 is one of my top games of all time. MGS 1 was really good all those years ago too.

specialguest31d ago

It would be great if he announces his next project to be the spiritual continuation of the SH PT project

TheColbertinator31d ago

Finally someone at GDC who I would like to see.

Az1ner31d ago

Most overrated game developer around. The stupidest stories and boring gameplay. Mg 1 was his finest work.

InUrFoxHole31d ago

Oh stop. You know you like carrying packages on ur back.

FanboySpotter31d ago

Will he be talking about ray tracing ds on ps5 and pc? I saw Turn10 was going to gdc to talk ray tracing as well

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The story is too old to be commented.