Game Stooge Review Feyrune 2

Game Stooge writes: "Feyruna 2 is a puzzle game for the PC by Jochen Kårcher. A direct sequel to the game Feyruna, Feyruna 2 picks up just after the end of the first game. Unfortunately, after their defeat, the Princess of Darkness have left behind Dark Crystals that are sapping the vital energy of the inhabitants of the Fairy Forest. Now it is up to the Druids to rid the forest of the crystals and save the day. Sadly, the Druids seem to have lost all their powers, so it is up to you to supply Magic Balls to the Druids and reactivate their dormant magic.

The game play for Feyruna 2 is completely different from its predecessor. In this game you steer a Magic Ball around a series of platforms filled with traps and perils and into the hands of a waiting Druid. The levels contain numerous Druids to "activate" and a Dark Crystal that slowly gains power as time goes by."

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