#MyDecadeOnXbox - Check Out Your Xbox Stats For The Whole Of The 2010s

We've built an easily shareable infographic just for you, containing all your personal Xbox gaming stats for the whole of the 2010s

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BillyG0AT30d ago

No, I am not registering to your site.

darthv7230d ago

Looking at my stats.... i need to step up my game.

Bronxs1529d ago

i was on reddit adn saw phil spencer post his on twitter
People were saying he's a real gamer he played 424 games with a total gamerscore of 54,735. and someone pointed out he hand an average of almost a game per week for 10 years straight. Dude's not just a gamer, he's a hardcore better stats than mine for sure
i only played like 74 games, but that was half of my gimes cus the other half was on ps3/4. fun stuff.
i like how it breaks down by genre how much you play, your top franchises, and the days/months most busy for achievements for me was alway my birthday month cus i'd mostly ask for a game i've been wanting.