The Decade In Video Gaming – How Did PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Performed?

A look at how the three leading companies perform in the last ten years.

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Thundercat7731d ago

The PS4 has been named the best console of the decade while The Last of Us has been named The Game of the Decade.

It has been an amazing decade for Sony.

chrisx31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Yea in terms of video gaming quality the last 10years :
1. PlayStation
2. Nintendo
3. Xbox.
Expect the next decade to follow the same line up. The upcoming PS5 games are gonna define the next decade of gaming, ofcourse special shout out to Ninty too.

Thundercat7731d ago

Exactly and I agree that Ninty deserves a special shout because they also have good exclusive games and with an underpowered hardware, they are doing way better than xbox.

Army_of_Darkness29d ago

Sony dominated... If Sony releases a handheld that is compatible with ps5 and ps4 games they would dominate the handheld market as well!

Gemmol30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Ps4 had a easy time

Wii and Ds had most of their sales before 2010 so they had no chance to win decade of the year same with PS3 and 360

Wii U had a year and some change head start but didn’t sell well

Xbox One didn’t sell well

Switch came out in 2017 so it only had less than 3 years worth of sales which is not enough time to catch up

Vita didn’t sell well

So only competition was the 3DS for the PS4

Last of Us didn’t make top ten list for games sold for the decade, it was voted by majority of Sony fans who are online the same fans who are not huge in the real world just online if people in real world voted it be one of those games that sold well in the last ten years 2 were Nintendo first party and rest is third party on the top ten list

Despite it all Sony won both awards console of the decade and had the most votes online from their online fan base and a win is win so congrats to Sony

The Wood30d ago

Those are some bitters right there. The ps3 is include in the decade also. . . Sony have been the most consistent spanning from the end of last gen to this one. Relax brother

TheScotsman30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Mate your full of your own bull, xbox ninty and Sony fans are all the same. We all love our hardware, I'm lucky to have all three but I work hard so it's my choice. Who fault iis it that dont has such a big fan base? That's right it's Sony, they did everything right this gen and gave devs and gamers what they wanted so people flocked to it, at same time Microsoft just kept tripping over their own feet. One X is a great console and it's the xbox i have, but it's taken 5 years into a gen to get there, I play most multiplat on it as it defo the most powerful console. But ps4 pro is still a great console with no competition when it comes to exclusives. Hopefully we can have both xbox and PlayStation doing equally well this new gen. But already Microsoft is looking to doom there console if they don't offer scarlet xclusives.

septemberindecember30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

I thought BotW was game of the decade?

Edit: Oops NVM. BotW was game of the decade by critics. TLoU was game of the decade by users.

FallenAngel198431d ago (Edited 31d ago )

“It’s been a tumultuous decade for Sony, and at one time, the company was written off, and PlayStation assumed to be going defunct.”

That’s a bit of an exaggeration don’t you think?

PS2 was still selling tens of millions of units even during the 7th gen consoles being out. PSP carved a huge section of the portable market for itself. PS3 was selling at a faster rate than Xbox 360 and by extension every other consoles in history except for PS1, PS2 & Wii.

Don’t see how anyone could see that and say the brand was in danger of going under.

“In 2010, Xbox was the console leader in most big markets around the world”

Lolwut? In 2010 Wii was the best selling console in North America. Plus in nearly every other market Xbox 360 was outsold by its competition. It was the slowest selling 7th gen console for a reason

Elda30d ago

1.Playstion 2.Nintendo & 3.XBO.

Dovergamer30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

It runs like this.

1. Play Station.
2. Nintendo.

I took out Microsoft of that list. I don't even know why some people include them when they were absent for the last seven years.

343_Guilty_Spark30d ago

You're predicting a whole 10 years?

Dovergamer30d ago (Edited 29d ago )


"You're predicting a whole 10 years?

Troll elsewhere with that dumb argument. I spoke about the past not the future. Second, Microsoft has no exclusive whatsoever at the level of Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War 4, Spider Man, Bloodborne or Dreams. Microsoft simply abdicated to his responsibilities of pouring exclusives into their console. Microsoft is interested only on services and monetisation. That is now their main focus. It's GAAS and streaming services.

It's obvious that people who purchases an XBOX are less intelligent than the people who gets a PS4 or a PS5. Why? Very simple, with Sony you get more value for your money, you play the same multi platform games and get top quality on the exclusives including fan service. With Microsoft you pay more for much less, for mediocre games, for 'TED PULP FICTION TALKS', for pipe dreams like the cloud and promises that never happened.

People don't purchase consoles to see Phil talking or to depend on the crutch of "Next E3" without a single delivery. People purchase consoles to play exclusive games. If you want GAAS, EA or Streaming services then you pay more for much less being the dumbest nimrod. It is that simple. People purchase consoles because there is quality in their exclusive portfolio.

Microsoft chose two platform to work with. They have the problem of sustaining their software enterprise trying to carry a hardware enterprise. Sony went straight to the basic business of being a hardware enterprise focusing on sales and delivery. Sony adapted, adopted and applied the technological changes WITHOUT loosing track of their main purpose? What is that purpose? SERVING THE GAMES.

See the difference? That is why they are not on my list.

CaptainHenry91630d ago

Not 7 years but over a decade

S2Killinit30d ago

Beating a dead horse at this point.

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