Bill Gates on the Daily Show

Bill Gates appearance on the Daily Show promoting Microsoft Windows Vista and discussing IPTV, jetpacks, and robots.

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Nintenuendo4915d ago

Good watch, and it's nice to see Gates at least TRY to reach out to people outside of the "nerd" demographic... though he can come off as somewhat of a tool. I just wish they'd talk more about Windows Solitaire, it's my favorite. :(

BTW, outside of MMO hotkeys... what DOES F12 do?

HyperBear4915d ago

I watched this twice, and gotta say, it was pretty funny watching Gates talk to someone whos not a nerd in Computers and literally doesnt know how to operate one. But it was cool, seeing Gates on Jon Stewarts show, yea Nintenuendo, wat does F12 do. LMAO. But gates might need to work on laughing a bit more than being all serious and nerdy, but he was born that way and he was made multi-billionaire that way, so i guess hes an exception.

shotty4915d ago

Sounds like a cool guy, never once mentioned xbox or sony. Oh and that vista ultimate box looks snazzy.

dissectionalrr4914d ago

people can talk all the smack they want on bill gates, but there is no denying the man is a genius. i mean come on, you don't become the richest man in the world being an idiot. president of the united states, maybe, but that's a different topic. when it comes down to it, the man played the single largest part in bringing the computer revolution to the people, and his work has (and will likely continue to have) the greatest affect on society of any person ever in history. that's something to be proud of.