Kickstarter Continues To Be A Great Place For Games

Kickstarter is still a great place for games, even if it can feel like there are issues sometimes with many projects not being supported.

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TheRealTedCruz413d ago

It revitalized the crpg genre with games like Kingdom Come:Deliverance, Pillars, Original Sin, and Tyranny.

Xaevi413d ago

It needs changes too tho, many projects don't get completed and people have gotten screwed over. The idea was and still is great, but it's easy to take advantage of.

Blu3_Berry413d ago

The idea of Kickstarter is great, but there does need to be some changes for it. As @Xaevi said, too many people have gotten screwed over by alot of projects and there needs to be some compensation or something.

They also need to stop these sudden exclusivity deals long after the project has started. Let's say someone backs a project expecting something like a Steam release at launch, only to be turned around as an Epic exclusive for a year. It's dumb and honestly it's very hard to trust people on kickstarter now. It betrays alot of people's trust.

413d ago