Kickstarter Continues To Be A Great Place For Games

Kickstarter is still a great place for games, even if it can feel like there are issues sometimes with many projects not being supported.

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TheRealTedCruz31d ago

It revitalized the crpg genre with games like Kingdom Come:Deliverance, Pillars, Original Sin, and Tyranny.

Xaevi31d ago

It needs changes too tho, many projects don't get completed and people have gotten screwed over. The idea was and still is great, but it's easy to take advantage of.

Blu3_Berry31d ago

The idea of Kickstarter is great, but there does need to be some changes for it. As @Xaevi said, too many people have gotten screwed over by alot of projects and there needs to be some compensation or something.

They also need to stop these sudden exclusivity deals long after the project has started. Let's say someone backs a project expecting something like a Steam release at launch, only to be turned around as an Epic exclusive for a year. It's dumb and honestly it's very hard to trust people on kickstarter now. It betrays alot of people's trust.

BayAreaBird31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

It's hard to prevent people from doing what they want with your donated money. This happens in the real world too. You give a homeless man a $1 for "food". But actually spends it on beer or cigarettes and gets free food from a shelter nearby. What people need to do it look at the terms and conditions and see what power kickstarters have with your money and where it goes if nothing is promised. You need to READ the fine print. This is what I tell the people who always say "Google is spying on you when you use their services, they know where you are when you are using GPS. They are listening to your phone calls". Ok, we'll look at their terms and conditions. They clearly state they can use information to make their products better. If the FBI needed information about me, they probably could get something out of me from companies. But really, did you read the fine print? How about they buy their own GPS for $200, drive to people's houses to let them know about something instead of using their phones and stop using the internet since they are always "watching". They shut up about it once I say to stop using their services, turn around and post pictures of themselves at the local park, revealing the time and location they were at to the whole world.
The same people who say companies are always watching them, hahahaha . Kickstarter isn't some company who is promise you anything. They are almost no different then giving some guy in the street money because he has this game idea he wants to make. If a stranger on the street can present an idea to you, tell you his goals and how he plans to spend the money, you're more likely to just walk away. Why see people in the real world who asked for money on the street as scammers or people not to be trusted with. But since we see a website that's all pretty and everyone is glued to their phones 24/7 (stupid society we live in now) people have more to giving money to some stranger in the internet than in person. I'm not saying that everything on Kickstarter is bad, but this type of problem has always been there in many different ways for centuries. Kickstarter is just a website that designs it's pages to help those beg for money on the internet. It really is just that if you really think about it.