How does Mega Man X9 in the 16-bit style sound?

Following the success of Mega Man 9 and its classic style, Capcom was ready to discuss Mega Man X9 in the 16-bit style...

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Sevir043624d ago

i'd kill to have a megaman x9 in 16 bit, that would be awesome. come on capcom do it... megaman 9 was awesome... X9 should follow suit

Smacktard3624d ago

X-game in the style of 16 bit would be desirable. X4's combination of looks and play made it one of the best though (X4 and X3 are my favorites). I see no reason not to have X4 graphics.

Gue13624d ago

for the next game if they remove the new character, Axl and return to the more mature story of x1-x6 (i know that X6 wasn't directed by Inafune but it was still cool because they didn't changed the mood of the game) and forget about all the sh1t from x7 and x8 then everything would be like a dream to me. ;-)