Top 10 Best Dragon Ball Games

Jacob St-Amour from Link-Cable Writes: "With the release of the highly anticipated Dragon Ball: Kakarot, we here at Link-Cable wanted to take a moment to look back at all of the best Dragon Ball video game titles throughout the years. These 10 entries, whether they are retro installments or modern-day brawlers, has helped the beloved anime transition into the video game world and given us many great memories along the way. So let’s all yell at the top of our lungs and charge up our energy as we go through the Top 10 best Dragon Ball games ever made."

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roadkillers31d ago

No Legacy of Goku or SNES Dragon Ball. This is a young fan.

Outlawzz31d ago

You saved me a click thanks. That's just outrageous to omit those! The audacity ! Lol

Kados31d ago

or Attack of the Saiyans on DS.

SegaGamer31d ago

Super Dragon Ball Z has one of my favourite soundtracks from any game.

ZeekQuattro31d ago

I played a lot of DBZ games over the years. Official and otherwise. Some of my favorites were the Gokuden series on the Super Famicom. The Super Saiya Densetsu game also on the Super Famicom. Budokai 3 as well as Tenkaichi 3 on the PS2. The Raging Blast games on the PS3. I also have to mention The Attack of the Saiyans game on the DS and Fusions on the 3DS.
I have nostalgia for the Legacy of Goku games but not so much because they were good but because they used Bruce Faulconer music from the dub in them and I got a kick out of hearing them on the GBA. I also have to give Mugen DBZ games an honorable mention. There were some quality entries that focused only on DBZ.