New Games Available on Xbox Game Pass, More Titles Leaving

Microsoft has revealed the two latest games to come to Xbox Game Pass and those that are set to leaving. Find out which games!

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JCOLE131951344d ago

I just bought it on sale 2 days ago! 😭

Clown_Syndr0me1344d ago

Request a refund, say your child bought it without your permission.

Guaranteed refund !

RangerWalk2671343d ago

Yeah, that's happened to me a few times. Hey, at least we still own them.
Just trying to squeeze a little bit of positivity out of it haha

shabz6661343d ago

wahahaha i'm so glad i held out for so long, I learned my lesson from shadow of tomb raider. If the game is going on sale repeatedly then hold off, it will go into gamepass soon. I see you microsoft, i know what you're upto

Rekkr1343d ago

At least you actually own the game.

TargusX1342d ago

Why you crying - you can keep it??

iplay1up21342d ago

Always check upcoming Game Pass titles before buying. I did the same thing with Horizon Zero Dawn. It came to PS Now after I bought it. In my defense, I am still new to Now.

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mark_parch1343d ago

really looking forward to playing this, heard good things.

pitojij1343d ago

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GamingSinceThe80s1342d ago

From what I can tell it's only playable on PC game pass,the other two are for Xbox owners.

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Ricegum1344d ago

"The Division, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, Resident Evil 4, and Saints Row: The Third are all on the way out in February."

Well that sucks :(

justchilliando1344d ago

U do know if u have it installed u can keep it after it gets removed

1344d ago
lodossrage1344d ago

Not exactly true justchill

"Games you install using Xbox Game Pass remain playable once they’ve left the Game Pass catalog only when you buy them—and you get a hefty discount when you buy games as an Xbox Game Pass subscriber.
When you buy games at a discount, those games are yours to keep. Similarly, any add-ons you buy are yours to keep, whether you buy the base game or not.
Either way, whenever you sign in to Xbox Live, your game data gets saved online. That means, whenever you next play the game—if you buy it, if you play it at someone else’s house, or if it comes back to Game Pass—you’ll be able to pick up right where you left off."

Basically, the downloads won't work unless you purchased the game in some form.

yomfweeee1344d ago

Uh, no you can't play it unless you buy it.

Strange991344d ago

That’s Games With Gold. Game pass games are gone when they say they’re gone.

Pacifico1343d ago

Its unplayable unless u buy it...ur thinking games w gold.

AriesBear1343d ago

Nope. Once it removed, it becomes unplayable.

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CaptainCook1344d ago

The Division has been on Xbox Game Pass multiple times, maybe more. From the recent rumours The Division 2 might be coming to Xbox Game Pass...

Profchaos1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

Wouldn't be shocked the division 2 didn't meet ubis expectations sales wise so it could be a move to get people interested and buying micro transactions for it.
I'd expect they would dig more into their back catalogue first and give games like far cry primal or watchdogs 2 a new life on gamepass to have more people experience them in order to help hype up future iterations like watch dogs legion

Profchaos1344d ago

It's based on play stats if no one or a small percentage of users are playing that game its probably worth rotating them out.

PoopsMcGee1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

No, with third party titles it's just like Netflix or the like. They're put up for a set amount of time depending on the deal between MS and the publisher of the game.

nibblo1344d ago

Somehow I think you are concern trolling, I mean do you really care either way?

Ricegum1343d ago

Yeah I do. Thanks for your concern though bud. Love a bit of Gamepass nowadays.

Unspoken1343d ago

Only if you didn't play them. Otherwise buy it and support the devs.

1343d ago
Profchaos1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

It's almost as if gamepass is a service that allows plays to pay a monthly fee for access to a library that rotates and changes over time to prevent it becoming stale

Bronxs151342d ago

for me personally i played re4 and loved it, not interested in saints row. played shadow of mordor over on ps4. not into the division. tomb raider definitive edition which is great game is also exiting.

but i'm glad to see them exit and make way for the new games like gta v and the witcher, among others. still hoping the news/rumors about control coming to gamepass was true. i'd be excited for that, but the next big game i'm waiting on is ori and the will of the whisp.

this past december i had time off for the holidays so i played thru the entire metro series, 2033, last light, and exodus (great experience, it was like playing half life). as well as rage 2 (so so, great gameplay mechanics but weakish story). had a great xmas break with game pass. now i'm in the last act of gears 5. been doing the campaign and loving it. and next moving on to hellblade!